First Mini-Loot of the Year


Miles is pondering about the contents of this box :D

As promised, today I’ll show you a little loot!

It took some time to arrive (christmas, new year, German bureaucracy…) but now it’s here and all is well.

As you can see I ordered this from AmiAmi. Aladdin was a preorder of mine (love AmiAmi’s PO-offers) and the Moe-series was 20% off so I added those. EMS-fees boosted the grand total a bit but 97€ (~US$130, ~£80) is a nice price. You might not know this but shipping to Germany is godawfully expensive if you’re not willing to wait for 3-4 weeks.

From left to right the Moekana Booster Pack with an exclusive Mirai SchwarzWeiss Card, the standard Moekana set and the Moekanji set with first grade kanji. The drawings are absolutely adorable and at the same time you learn how to write hiragana, kanji and useful vocabulary. ‘Useful’ in a mostly nerdy sense. There’s the obligatory Maid, food like sushi and other traditional stuff like cherry blossoms or kimono, which makes things pretty easy to memorize. Apparently these also serve as a card game but I haven’t checked out the website yet.

Now let’s open up that Aladdin:

He comes with some extra parts and a limited first edition chibi Aladdin charm. His default setup has the gem on his forehead and the turban but I prefer to display him without, so this is how he looks like right now:

Super.adorable. I mean, I knew he would be cute because Megahouse’ final products tend to look exactly like the prototypes but in person it’s almost unbearable. It’s a simple character design but well executed with nice little details like the flute and the wooden look of the staff. The base is gorgeous by the way but I won’t go into too much detail. This is a loot post and not a review :p

Close-ups of Aladdin and his minime anyone?

That charm is really cute (yes I’m overusing that word). It has a little metal hook attached to its head so you can put it on your keyring or your bag or wherever but I’ll display him along with his big brother. It’s limited so I don’t really want to damage or even lose it.

A little awkward detail that came out of nowhere: The sash around big Aladdins waist is loose. There was a plastic sheet wrapped around it when I opened the box, so I removed it and BAM SHOUTA BUTT O_o I’m not kidding. I’m not talking about a little plumber’s smile either. It’s the entirety of his naked kiddie butt… awkward.. I don’t even know if posting an image would be SFW so I’ll just leave this here. Your choice.

This is it! I hope you enjoyed it and this post wasn’t too image-heavy. Let me know what you think. I still have to come up with a topic for the next post. Maybe it’s time to introduce my mascot and edit that about-page a bit. See you soon! :)

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2 Responses to First Mini-Loot of the Year

  1. that shota-booty thing is kinda disturbing but the figure looks great, loving the quality of this :D

    • He does have a few scratches in those pants here and there but I doubt you’ll see that without a macro.

      Yeah, shota-booty was.. weird.. to say the least. I’ll just pretend this is because of the low waist harem pants design and not by any means weird fanservice *crosses fingers* Megahouse does some awkward stuff sometimes…

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