Taiga and the PO-War

Awwwww yeah :D

I’ve fought the PO-War and WON it. Never would have expected pre-ordering a figure could be so exhausting…

He went up for PO today at 6pm in Japan, which is 10am in Germany. Not a nice time considering one has to attend academy classes and write a translation exam on engineering…

Hobbysearch went down almost instantly. When it went back online, Taiga was sold out already. AmiAmi was even worse. He didn’t even show up on the main page unless he was sold-out (I read somewhere that that’s an indication that he was only up for PO for less than a couple of minutes…?) so NEXT was HobbyLinkJapan.. They were kinda late at putting him up so I fiiiinally got him.. apparently 2 minutes before PO stopped there, too.

I swear, I’ll never try this again. At least not when I’m not at home. Constantly punching your smartphone’s touchscreen to refresh pages and placing an order through that thing is a nightmare..

Yes, I did it while attending classes.

Yes, the last row has its advantages.

Yes, the good kids probably don’t sit there..

Yes, I know that’s a completely nerdy thing to do, but at least I’m a nerd with a Taiga-PO now… <3

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