Coppelion + Unbreakable Machine Doll

Over the last couple of days I finished these 2 series. Let’s start with Coppelion because I’ll just write myself into a rage with machine-doll….

The concept of this 13-episode anime is really interesting. Tokyo lies in ruins due to a devastating nuclear catastrophe. It’s basically a second Chernobyl: Buildings just about to cave in, nature trying to break through everywhere.

This is where our 3 main heroines – the Coppelion – come into play. Genetically modified girls with special abilites to withstand radiation, trained to make their way through Tokyo and rescue the people that couldn’t be saved when the catastrophe had happened.

The first half of the series they’ll do just that. They get an sos-signal, follow it, rescue people and get them out while you’re slowly introduced to the coppelion-project and the individual characters of the girls.

The second half, however, starts to focus on one particular group that needs to be saved. I don’t know if that was a smart decision for such a short anime. I probably would have prefered it to stay as it is and have them interact with as many different people as possible. But don’t get me wrong, I still liked it that way. There’s a couple more Coppelions showing up, the story gets darker and the overall plot wraps up the series nicely.

I wouldn’t mind at all if there was to be a second season of this. The story-concept itself would have a lot more to offer.


Now for Unbreakable Machine Doll.. OH GOD Unbreakable Machine Doll… It seemed so interesting in the beginning. A school in England filled with people using magic to control puppets, fighting each other in a tournament to receive the rank of “Wiseman” to gain unlimited(?) power and achieve their individual goals.

Our main character is Raishin, a japanese transfer student, trying to claim that rank for himself to avenge his sister’s death. With him is his puppet Yaya who he claims to be the strongest of them all. And this is exactly where everything goes wrong..

I expected this anime to be dark, to be full of well-animated fights (it’s a tournament, remember?!), with interesting characters and interesting goals. Well, no. Almost the entire female cast will ruin that.. And they’ll ruin it good…

The worst of them all is Yaya herself… She’s constantly squeeing, screaming and crying because she wants to get into Raishins pants. The running gag is supposed to be that she’s always misinterpreting situations, deeming him a cheater and a perv, which leads to more squeeing, screaming and crying. That “running gag” ceases to amuse after 1 episode, though. I swear to god, this character is the most annoying bitch I’ve seen over (at least) 1 year…

Over the course of the story the female cast gets expanded to Charlotte (who was kinda cool as a character until she’s fallen for Raishin in a matter of seconds, thus, getting annoying as well), an air-headed big-boobie assassin, who’s name I don’t even remember, because she’s basically a shier version of Yaya and Charlotte’s little sister who hates guys and constantly tries to kill herself. Combining their IQ you’d probably get a strong -10…

I forced myself through half of the show because I hoped the tournament would then start already and they would all shut up because they had some fighting to do. Turns out the tournament does start, but instead of actually fighting opponents, Raishin starts to save a couple of people from characters who are not even participating…

It all leads to an open ending, so I guess the actual fighting will take place in a second season, which I will most definitely avoid like the plague. I have absolutely NO idea who thought it would be funny or cute or whatever to have 4 girls ganging up on the main character and having them misinterpret, scream and cry EVERY.SINGLE.SCENE. It’s even more frustrating because Yaya is Raishins only puppet and therefore the chances of her dying a slow and horrible death are zero..

The story itself would have been interesting. The backstory of Raishin had potential, as well as the idea of all the different dolls, including banned dolls but I was constantly tempted to mute the sound or skip parts entirely that had nothing to do with fighting. The scenes that had me actually laugh were thos with Loki in it. Loki-Raishin char-dynamic was hilarious and I also liked Sigmund – Charlottes dragon puppet – quite a lot because come on… when he’s not in fighting mode he shrinks to the size of a cat and sits on her shoulder, which is already amazingly adorable but in addition to that he’s voiced by Nakata Jouji and what’s more awesome than a cat-sized dragon with the voice of Alucard :D

So that’s my impression on these animes. Have you watched them? What did you think about them? Let me know in the comments section :)

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