Jan-Loot finally arrived! (Chibi-Arts Sinbad & Manga)

Finally got some things sorted out! I could collect these gems from customs today. Almost everything is here now, only Kuroko is still missing, but with a bit of luck he’ll arrive by the end of this week, too.

Planned on reading Slam Dunk a loooong long time ago but German releases never passed Volume 8… For some reason sports genre is not very popular over here :/

I found a very nice person on ebay who’d be willing to ship all these Slam Dunk Manga from the US over to Europe. It’s kinda insane, because shipping wasn’t exactly cheap (at all) but importing has proven a lot cheaper than buying them off German amazon… They’re all in new condition, over half of them are still sealed! What a great deal :D

With shipping and all I paid like… maybe…. $7 each? Getting English Manga in Germany is a pain in the ass… usually you have to get them off amazon and their prices are just over the top with some of the older volumes. Volume 12 is currently selling for 100 bucks… used condition.. yeah right.. I mean.. NO!

And here we are.. the infamous Sinbad Chibi-Arts exclusive from Bandai. I got him off Nippon-Yasan. DEAR GOD what a horrible shop. Never again. NEVER EVER AGAIN. Negative feedback for that site has mushroomed in recent weeks. There’s people getting their paid stuff canceled for no apparent reason, some get the wrong figure shipped to them, some get bootlegs.

I had to wait for 2 weeks to get my hands on this one after placing my order. With EMS shipping… And only after 3 e-mails, several facebook messages and a threat.. communication is like hell. Then they told me it had taken them so long to ship him because they received a broken figure and had to wait for the replacement. A nice statement from an online shop claiming to have everything marked as “in-stock” as IN-STOCK! LIES!

What’s also lies is their “brand new” tag on their products. Everyone I know of who ordered Sin from NY received a used one. The box was obviously opened, as well as the blister. Also all 3 of us noticed weird shiny scratches on their figure. Long story short, they sell used stuff that also LOOKS used. Without telling you of course…

Ugh this is about loot.. back to the loot. Just, please, don’t use Nippon-Yasan if you really don’t have to.. just don’t… You can read up all the horror stories about them on the internet. There’s more than enough…

Back to the figure. I’m still super glad I got him. He’s really a charming lad, but watching/reading Magi we’re already used to that, right? ;D

But let’s be honest… for a huge portion we probably bought it for this… This is just hilarious. That freakin crotch-leaf is all over Magi merchandise and I love it. Chibi-Arts are also roughly the size of a Nendoroid so the interchangeability is such a huge plus, he’s almost a must-own. (His clothed version IS great, too. Gladly enough, with 2 bodies come 2 heads. So you actually get 2 figures for the price of one)

He also comes with a bunch of extra stuff. If someone would be so kind and translate for me what these speech bubbles say…? My japanese reading skills suck… hard.

No, this will never seize to amuse me. Ever.

Yes, I am childish like that, and so are you!

This is great :D

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