MegaHouse Kuroko Tetsuya

Kuroko is finally here after 1 week of German Customs =_=

This is also the last thing I ordered in January, next will be my Shiki PO in late Feb

He looks absolutely fantastic! Megahouse used to be on the more bulkier side of figure making but they keep getting more and more refined. I’m really really impressed by the quality stuff they’ve put out these days.

I was lucky enough to snatch one of the last pre-orders over at HLJ. Got him for 7220yen on the same day I preordered Taiga (also on HLJ)

I think he turned out even better than the prototype!

I love how male figures finally start to get dynamic poses. 90% still get the I’m-looking-cool-just-standing-there-with-hands-in-my-pockets treatment, though…

The details of Kuroko’s figure are absolutely stunning! Nope, no flat base. He got a 3D sculpted wood look-alike. One of the 2 pegs is made of metal, so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking or whatever. This will hold him up just fine.

Also the ball got some super realistic structure!

Absolutely amazing <3

I’m so glad I got him pre-ordered and I’m so looking forward to Taiga in June! With Wonfes last Sunday we could also see the improved prototype of Aomine and finally a prototype of Kise! The last 2 chars of the Generation of Miracles also got announced, but in all honesty, I think I’m good with Kuroko, Taiga and Aomine. I don’t need the whole bunch because I’m not particularly interested in the rest of them.

Now if they would announce a Teppei, Hyuuga or Imayoshi hmmmmm…. instant get! I hope they don’t stop after throwing out the GoM members *sighs*

That’s it for the day!

I finally got to finish Kyousougiga (liked it!), started Yowamushi Pedal (like it!), Hozuki no Reitetsu (WTF?) and Space Dandy (BEST SHOW EVER!!). I’m also on volume 19 of Slam Dunk aaaand I’ve got new figures for my wishlist. Damn you Inoue Takehiko for writing/drawing awesome stuff like that. No I’m just kidding, I love you Q_Q

I’ll also have some more work to do in the future. saw my Cocona figure review and they asked me if I wanted to translate this and the future reviews into German for them to publish on their site. So I kinda ended up as a writer for them lol that was unexpected… but I’m happy some people think my reviews could be useful XD I’ll have to watermark my stuff from now on *sighs*

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2 Responses to MegaHouse Kuroko Tetsuya

  1. kuroko looks so awesome :D can´t wait for mine now

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