Mini Duchess: Picktam! Jean Kirstein

This arrived in the mail today and I thought it was worthy of a tiny review :D I might even start “Tiny Reviews” as a series. I do realize that my regular (<– haha how are those regular… *cries in a corner*) reviews are pretty text-heavy, so this might be something for the people who go tl;dr on me. And it also provides this blog with content that doesn’t need a long time of planning, thus I’d be able to put out new stuff more often.

Picktam! (or sometimes Pikutamu!) is a relatively new keychain/phonestrap/charm line by Good Smile Company. So far there’s this set of SnK chars, which was released in mid-december of 2013 and a set of Danganronpa chars, to be released in april. For anyone who’s wondering who the secret char in the SnK set is…Click here.

Jean was a complete impulse-buy. I had just found out yesterday that a German online shop ( is selling these seperately. The whole box of 8 goes for 4953yen. I got this one for 8€ (~$11), which is pretty okay for German otaku stuff. He’s my fave from the series and there’s so little merchandise of him, it’s ridiculous (but I shouldn’t complain. Just think of the poor Reiner fans…).

Anyways, the Picktams! come in a tiny box, they are wrapped up in a tiny plastic bag, already assembled and ready to be used. There’s a big-ass snap-hook to connect the char to a strap, which at the same time ensures that the different parts are kept in place.

The idea behind the Picktam! line is, that you can choose between 2 different types of expression for your character to display. The system for this is pretty straight-forward. All you have to do is to remove the hook, seperate body and head and flip the face-plate over.

Fully taken apart, your char will look like this. That black bar attached to the body goes through the face-plate, as well as the hair/head-part. Just push it all the way through and secure everything with the hook. Done.

The other side of the face-plate looks like this. I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be the “What is it, Eren?” expression from the manga. I have no idea why this scene is so famous but I guess that’s because it looks both hilarious and utterly disturbing at the same time…

I have to say that the quality is astonishing. The chibi-art is adorable, paint is spot on and the amount of detail is just crazy. It’s entirely made of die-cut rubber. I don’t know if there’s size differences among the different characters, but Jean, at least, is about 6cms tall.

The head is pretty thick with 1cm fully assembled and the back of it is detailed nicely. The only thing I find really strange is that the back-side of his body is shiny and black. Why the crazy amounts of detail and a nicely designed back of the head, when the back of his body is left completely blank? The body is also my main-concern when it comes to wear-resistance. While I have nothing to worry about the head, the body is only 3-4mm thick and I could very well imagine the neck to be the weak point here. I hope it won’t rip or anything :<

I attached him to the plug of my smartphone to keep my Fate/Zero Gilgamesh company. Gil probably won’t like that :D


  • Pretty much perfect in every aspect
  • Affordable
  • There’s other characters besides Levi, which is rare…


  • Neck might prove to be the weak spot
  • Back of the body is blank, which is kinda lame
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4 Responses to Mini Duchess: Picktam! Jean Kirstein

  1. Flügelchen says:

    Also dieses Steckprinzip finde ich wirklich ziemlich cool! Kannte ich bisher noch gar nicht. Ich muss dir aber bei der Rückseite des Körpers definitiv Recht geben – die wirkt sehr unschön im Vergleich zum Rest.

    Du schreibst super schöne Beiträge! Ich mag deine Fotos zu den Reviews :) Konnte mich gestern endlich mal richtig durchklicken.

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