PO-Arrival: Kotobukiya’s Ryougi Shiki

Oh wow… I knew she was gonna be pretty…but dayum… you’ll never comprehend how pretty she is until you’ve seen her in person. I saw the prototype and I knew I needed her, especially after that huge pvc-mess disappointment that is the GSC Shiki.. (owned that one, sold that one)

Kotobukiya never ceases to amaze me with their quality-work. They’re getting better and better. The pose in itself is beautiful and the details are stunning. The base design matches the figure perfectly.

People, however, mostly complain about the final product leaning more backwards than the prototype. I admit this can look awkward at certain angles but name me a figure that looks perfectly fine 180°

Details on this Shiki are absolutely stunning. Look at that flower pattern!

The kimono has a special finish, making it look like silk. Beautiful

I love the flow of the kimono, all these wrinkles, the shininess and how you can get a glimpse of the red one underneath because of the dynamic pose. The white flower-pattern is subtle and well done.

I also love how the face has turned out. A lot of people hate the face. Actually a lot of people don’t like this figure, which is completely beyond me. I don’t know where all the criticism is coming from. Someone even complained about her hair not being detailed enough.. Please show me a picture of an example, because I have no idea how it can get anymore detailed than that…

People are also complaining about the base…? Because she’s screwed onto it, which I find great because she’s never ever going to topple over and the pegs will never break (which happened to freakin smooth-criminal GSC Shiki.. ugh.. I really came to hate that one…)

Ugh, I love her. Easily my favourite female figure in my collection now. Don’t have anything else to say. Buy it! Now where are my Mirai Fukuin subs?

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4 Responses to PO-Arrival: Kotobukiya’s Ryougi Shiki

  1. this figure is downright GORGEOUS!! and if you compare this Shiki to the GSC one, everyone must admit the GSC one really sucked in quality. Kotobukiya does a really great job on their stuff, that´s why my figures are mostly made by them. I´m actually thinking about buying the DC Bishoujo Series and of course this hot piece of ass XD http://tinyurl.com/ln2awem

    • DO IT !
      Yepp, she’s fantastic. No idea how people can STILL complain. People complained about the base! That slightly shaded see-through base with white cherry blossom pattern with an indestructable peg-system. Yeah you’re right, that sucks. Just stay with your GSC Shiki then…with that.. round…white base…with.. nothing else..it’s just.. round… and white….

  2. Anstisha says:

    Could you tell me, please, where did you buy it? Or what is its price?
    Thank you a lot.

    • I bought her off hobbysearch and payed 7920yen.
      You can still get her there, but she’s a little bit more expensive now.
      I’d recommend amiami if you’re thinking about getting her. She’s still in stock there, too, but for 7760yen.
      Hope that helped :)

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