Review Duchess: Celty from Alter

People, I must be psychic!
The moment I start planning a Celty review, the second season of Durarara!! is announced.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the light novels, a second anime season is already in the making. It will take place half a year after the events of the first season. I’m excited to find out more about this. We don’t even know when it will finally air.
To make the waiting a little bit more worthwhile for you, let’s do a figure review:

Alter’s set of 3 Drrr!! figures (Izaya/Shizuo/Celty) all share the same box style. Celty’s is black and yellow (the other 2 are blue and red, if I remember correctly). It captures the style of the show nicely, with pictures of the figure everywhere, a greenish moon for the background and yellow stripes all over it (reminds me of those barrier tapes). Is she really called Sturluson or is that second U just a sloppy transcription from the katakana…?

Base’s are similar, too. Each character gets the color which is also used on the box as the base color. So Celty’s is obviously yellow, too. A good decision because it goes perfectly well with the yellow of her helmet and it’s a nice touch of color for the overall black figure. Helmet and base almost serve as a frame for the body (which is why I keep the helmet on for display).

From the cover you can see that I tried creating a moonlight setting. Boy, did I suck at that. I actually had to do a second photoshoot, because there is like… 3 photos I could use with that setup (I’ll include the other 2 at the end of this review, just so it wasn’t completely in vain q_q). I had absolutely nothing in the house to recreate a modern setting, so I thought I’d make good use of the fact that our dear Celty is a Dullahan and that my dear cats had just recently killed my bonsai by continually devouring its roots…

As a second display option we’ll get to remove the helmet and let her wear that black steam-thingy streaming out of her. Switching things up is pretty straight-forward, for both ‘head’-types are  equipped with a simple peg you have to insert in the neck. This also allows both the helmet and the steam to be rotated freely.

For anyone who’s not familiar with the series: Durarara!! started out as a 13-volume light novel series, written bei Narita Ryohgo and illustrated by Yasuda Suzuhito. The first half was made into a 25-episode anime back in 2010. Episodes 12.5 and 25 were both DVD-exclusives (Can’t even remember if I’ve seen those. Might have to check that out later). Brains Base was the studio to release it. Second season will be in the hands of another one, though.

In Mid-2012 Celty was finally released by Alter for 6800yen, completing the set (Izaya was released first, followed by Shizuo). Strangely enough she doesn’t share any of the sculptors involved in the making of the first 2 figures. Takahashi Tsuyoshi and Tanaka Sen’u were responsible for her creation and they sure did a great job. Izaya only had one sculptor, the same one who also did Shizuo later on, only that Shizuo had a second sculptor involved, just like Celty.
Enough with the complicated stuff.. All 3 of them are 1/8 scales, Celty stands about 21cms tall. Her scythe is about 28cms long, with the blade being around 13-14cms.

The wrinkles and creases of her jumpsuit are fantastic. Together with the glossy black paint and highlights on all the right places it creates an amazingly realistic look of (p)leather. They outdid themselves with this one and it really shows that they concentrated on making the overall simple design of a jumpsuit on a nicely shaped female body as realistic and goodlooking as possible. I guess they also had the time because.. you know..they didn’t have to sculpt a face…because… she… she has no head…….yeah….

The visor of her helmet is kept dark but if you hold it against light it’s a tiny bit see-through. What you’ll notice is that the helmet is empty (who would have guessed lol) but there’s also a bit of the insides of the helmet visible. Little details like that increase the overall quality of a figure for me. It’s nice to find out and it’s also nice to know the overall simplistic design didn’t stop the sculptors from going all-out.

The zipper of the jumpsuit goes down to her bellybutton and is opened up just enough to get a nice fanservice glimps of cleavage. Celty’s not equipped with an immense rack but she also doesn’t really need that now, does she? She’s the perfect example that a nicely shaped female body can be hella sexy without sporting the oh-so-popular giant boobies most female anime character design is forced through. Her curves are absolutely nice to look at, with a not-too-thin waist and broad hips, cute butt and model-like legs.

All of this is emphasized by the way she’s standing. It’s static but also very feminine due to the positioning of her legs and the curving of her hips to one side. The jumpsuit’s tightness also makes the shoulder blades visible, as well as a tiny bit of belly and the hip bones.

Blimey. I focused on the legs/creases instead of the hand here. But you’ll still get a good idea of how the right hand holding the scythe looks like. It’s great at most angles, can certainly look kinda strange at a few others. Looking at her from the left, the index finger definitely looks weird. It’s the only finger seperated from the rest of the hand and it makes me think of a pirate’s hook.. O_o

So this is what she looks like without the helmet. The steam goes off to the right, which creates a nice line of motion together with the pose of the body from bottom left to top right. It’s also painted in a matt color, complementing the only other matt part of her body, namely the skin. The color-scheme is chosen well throughout the figure.

The top of her neck where the peg goes in is painted black, so if you display her with the steam on, it will really look like it’s actually coming out of there. No weird skin-colored spots that don’t belong there.

Most amazing detail on this figure is the smartphone she’s holding in her left hand. It’s about 1cm in height and if you’ll get a magnifier glass, or in my case, a macro lens, you’ll see the most amazing things. Let’s look at this in the next picture in greater detail. The left hand holds the phone tightly. It almost gives off a kind of clicking sound when sliding it into the hand. Shake the figure as you like, it won’t come loose.

I recommend clicking on the photo to get the full-view. I’ve never mentioned this before, but you can actually do that with any of my pictures to get the original size. Just thought that was self-explanatory.
You clicked on that? Now look at that smartphone in all it’s glory. Keep in mind: 1cm.
Everything’s there. From the shortcut menu on the bottom of the screen to battery and signal status on the top. I don’t know why it’s exactly 06:02 on the display. If that has anything to do with a scene in the anime or novel, please let me know. I’m really curious about that *laughs*
The buttons below the display also have tiny symbols on them. I think it’s stickers but I really can’t tell looking at it with my stupid mortal eyes.

And here’s the last review photo. I love the shape of the scythe. You can’t really tell from photos, but just yesterday I realized the blade is a tiny bit see-through. I can actually see her boot through it when holding it against the light in a certain angle. It’s also made of a different material than the rest of the figure. The entire scythe is really flexible. Nice decision because it’s pretty long and that way it won’t break that easily.

Are there bootlegs of this?: No

Aaand that’s it for this review. I decided I won’t do any Pro’s and Con’s this time. Let’s just admit it: She’s a great-looking figure. Except the pirate’s hook finger thing that probably only bothers me (no, it actually doesn’t bother me that much), there’s nothing to complain about.
It’s a simple design but they put so much detail into it that it really doesn’t look so simple. It’s a highly detailed figure. The only thing I need now is her bike. That would be an awesome addition to this figure. Dat bike…

(As promised, here are the other 2 photos of the first shoot that went horribly wrong…)

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