No, I’m not dead yet.

I apologize (again), RL’s been getting in the way lately. There’s some job and insurance stuff coming up for me to handle and overall a student’s life is not so easy when you’re over the age of 18 and not living with mommy anymore *sighs*

So I thought I’d write about a few things to keep you entertained (hopefully). Yes, the next figure review is already in the making. Won’t tell you who it is this time, I’ll just give you a little hint: It has something to do with the color blue ;)

Eren-Yaeger-Kotobukiya-2First news! I PO-ed Kotobukiya’s Eren from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin.

This time at a German figure seller, though. August is the release date in Japan and that’s a bit too far away for me. Who knows what will happen until then, so I chose the German store where I could cancel without problems. German release will be 1-2 months after the original release date but oh well.. If I happen to have the money in August I’m pretty sure I could get him in Japan, too.

He’s still up for pre-order on various sites: Hobbysearch has him for 9.900y atm, though I’m curious what the shipping will be. Could very well imagine that the tree-base is quite heavy to be able to support the figure.

jimpact1395447037Second reason why I’d rather be flexible with Eren is this little fella here. GSC’s Gilgamesh Nendoroid looks fantastic!

I definitely have to PO this and if he happens to be released in the same month as Eren, well… I’d rather have Gil. No regrets. Now if Megahouse could get their shit together and give us an update on their Gil… We’re all hoping for Megahobby in May… q_q

207030While I’m already talking about Megahouse: They decided to finally release Gintama’s Kagura in her default outfit!

Imo a complete asshole-move. There’s a lot of people (including me) who got the Kimono-version of her, because we didn’t expect them to make another Kagura. Now, I’m absolutely no fan of having several figures of the same character (their are only a few exceptions to this) and if I had known about the default outfit coming up, I simply would have skipped the above mentioned. Now I’m kinda in a pinch, because I don’t want to sell my Kagura. I really love that Kagura. So I have to get both =_= Which wasn’t planned… at all!

And looking at the prototype, chances that this figure will suck are reaaaally small… But at least they completely fucked up Tsukuyo, so I can at least skip her *sighs*

hIE1394712231I need this, po’s supposed to start sometime in April, I’ll stalk AmiAmi every day, cutest thing ever, omg omg omg.

91365Aaaand last news: I got myself Alter’s Menma from Anohana!

In German shops she’s super expensive (~120€/$165) but I bought her off a German user on MFC, still sealed for 92€ (~$125), including insured shipping. I’ll get her sometime in the middle of next week :3 So excited!

Anohana made me cry like the little girl I am >_> But it’s so beautiful and heartwarming. Seriously, you should go watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

I’ve always wanted to get Alter’s version of Menma. It’s the best out there imo. The only one that comes close is QuesQ’s version but Alter’s base is so amazing and I really like her sitting pose. It makes me want to place her EVERYWHERE!

And that’s pretty much what has been going on this past week :)

See you soon!

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