Honma Meiko is moving in!

Went to the post office today to collect my newest figure! It’s Menma from the longest named anime I’ve ever seen ‘Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai’ or simply ‘AnoHana’. As already mentioned in my last update post she’s quite expensive in Germany but I got her from a German user over at MFC for around 40€ less :D

The figure comes with that amazing base (I’m not even sure if this can still be considered a base. It’s more like a diorama), the infamous diary, an umbrella, a stack of tires and an instruction sheet, which is not really needed because she’s super easy to assemble.

There’s a tiny indentation on the bottom of the base for the umbrella to rest in. Otherwise it’s loose, so do be careful when moving the figure around. It will most certainly fall. The diary you can place wherever you want. The bookmark sticking out of it is super-cute :)

This is what she looks like fully assembled. The tires have 2 pegs on the base so they can be secured. There’s a little carving in the wood behind the stack, which is a nice little detail. Sadly enough, displaying the base without the tires in their position looks kinda stupid because of the pegs sticking out. Nevertheless it is nice to know about this little easter egg. Btw, Menma and the base are both equipped with magnets to attach them to each other.

She’s so adorable!!! I want to sit her down everywhere in the house!



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2 Responses to Honma Meiko is moving in!

  1. the last picture with edward is the best. she is really cute and i love how gentle and well… authentic they captured her character in this figure.

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