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As promised I’m back with another review!
I might have overdone it a tiny bit with colors this time, but it kinda depends on your monitor’s settings soooo I am not responsible for any eyecancer :D Let’s go!


This time we’ll look at Okumura Rin, main character of the series Ao no Exorcist or Blue Exorcist, whichever you prefer. The manga by Kato Kazue is still on-going with currently 12 volumes in Japan. In 2011 an anime adaption was released, though I’m not sure if I should say “adaption”. To some extent it followed the plot of the manga but at some point it highly deviated from it, which is not too surprising, given that the manga hasn’t come to any conclusion yet. Anyways, the anime has a total of 25 episodes and I found it highly enjoyable (I started reading the manga after the anime). One year later in late 2012 a movie was released as well. I liked that one, too, but was a bit disappointed because other than Rin, Yukio and Shiemi, none of the other characters already known from the series had gotten any significant screentime :/ <-Suguro fangirl
Soundtracks of both the series and the movie are superb, though. Both are done by Sawano Hiroyuki, who’s also known for his work on Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill.

This Rin here was released in late 2012, around the same time as the movie. He’s part of the G.E.M. line of Megahouse (there’s also a Yukio to go with him). Btw, does anyone know what G.E.M. actually stands for? I always thought it was an only-male figure line but then again Gintama’s Kagura, for example, is part of it as well.. I’m at a loss here… O_o
Inada Masaki was responsible for the sculpt. Judging from his work, he does stuff for Megahouse almost exclusively. His recent work includes the MH Magi figures and the second version/default outfit of Gintama’s Kagura.
Rin is a 1/8 scale (as almost all MH figures) and stands about 21cms tall. His original price was 7600yen.
Do be careful when trying to buy him these days: There are a lot of bootlegs out there so you might want to stick with trustworthy shops.

Let’s start with the box as always. Nothing out of the ordinary here. For obvious reasons it is mostly blue with a few flame symbols here and there. The show’s and char’s name as well as the company’s and line’s can be found everywhere on it. The nicest parts are the insides of the box. The school’s emblem is a pretty cool addition to the background. Instructions as how to assemble Rin are also printed on the inside, although that’s pretty self-explanatory.

This. is. SpartaMegahouse!!! This is one of the reasons why Megahouse is my favourite figure company. Usually their figures come with tons of extra stuff. I’m not into action figures but having several options to display my static figures is something I really appreciate.


  • Main body (2 parts to detach/attach tail)
  • 2 faceplates
  • 4 arms (2 left, 2 right)
  • base
  • a tiny Kuro
  • demon tail
  • 2 swords (1 in 2 parts to be used as scabbard alone) + 2 cords

You can basically display Rin in his human form or his released demon form. The human faceplate sports a broad smile and has his normal, slighty pointy ears. If you go for the satan-variant you’ll get  a grinning expression showing his teeth, the 2 flames on his forehead and demon-ears. These expressions are not interchangeable: human = smile; satan = grin. Cool thing about this faceplate-mechanic is, that there’s no visible seamline in his hair because it’s nicely covered up by individual strands.

The back of his head is even more detailed than the fringe. Even though it’s rather short hair there’s absolutely no helmet-hair syndrome.
Both swords are equally detailed. Hilt and scabbard of the sheathed sword can be separated for Satan-Rin and there’s a tiny hole at the end of  both hilts to clip the cord in. I display Rin in his satan-form just because I love the design of the flames so much. They are painted in a metallic color-pallete from white to light blue.

The jacket of his school uniform is open, sculpted to make it appear as if it’s blowing in the wind. Same goes for the shirt and tie. Here’s also where the quality control issues of this figure start to show. Some owners complained about the tie falling of or even entirely missing upon arrival. Mine is completely fine in that regard.
Here you can also see the 2 different types of his left arm. On the left, the arm is sculpted so his thumb can be slipped into his pocket. When I first opened the box I had a tiny shock moment because I thought the thumb was broken. No need to worry, though. The thumb is actually just a stump so you don’t have to shove the whole thing in there.
On the right, the scabbard can be slipped into his hand. It’s a bit loose, so do be careful when moving him around with that arm or the scabbard will fall.

His clothes’ folds are all done nicely and the tip of his shirt is showing underneath the jacket. That part is also there to cover up the hole where his tail can be attached. I’ve read that a lot of people have problems with his arms not fitting tightly enough, leaving a gap between shoulder and torso. I don’t know how severe this can look. Once again, I don’t think mine has any problems with any of his arms.

From this angle I really like the human Rin. Maybe that’s because from the left his smile doesn’t seem as broad as it is from a front-view. In general I would like his human faceplate way better if his smile wasn’t so broad. Imo it’s a bit too much and a normal one would have been sufficient. The paintjob of the buttons on his school uniform is done well enough. They almost look 3dimensional.

The pants are folded nicely as well. I’ve taken this shot without his torso attached, because most of the details can’t be seen with him fully assembled. On the one hand it’s a bit sad that the belt and wallet can’t be seen but on the other hand it’s nice to know that they’re still there and the sculptor put in the extra work. The chain is a real one, btw, and I love when figure companies include real chains instead of plastic ones. It looks fantastic and there’s no way this will every break. Rin also has a huge butthole… I can’t believe I just wrote that. But he really does have a huge hole in his butt… to attach the tail… you know…

MAIN REASON why I display him in his satan-form. I LOVE that tail. It looks so fuzzy and flamy and it’s just such a great sculpt it would be a shame to display him without it. I. Love. That. Tail.

And here’s the tiny Kuro figure that’s included. You can place him anywhere you want, there’s not really a fixed position for him. He looks super happy! Sadly enough MH screwed up the eyes. From most angles he appears rather crosseyed. The herpaderp is strong in this one. The teeny-tiny paws are adorable, though.

Here’s a close-up of the school uniform’s details. He’s got these silver badges on both sides of his collar and there’s a white symbol on his tie you normally won’t notice when looking at Rin head on. The schools emblem is amazingly detailed for such a small thing. You can almost read the entire text on it.

Something to keep in mind: No matter which hand you’ll put the sword into, there will be paint transfer. It’s not really a big deal because you can’t see the palms of his hands anyways but still good to know. This is only true for the hilt, though. The hand that holds the scabbard is completely fine.

I’ll include a photo of his second right arm at the end of the review. He’s shown like that on the figure box but I really don’t see why you would want to display him that way at home when it takes up way too much space.

Are there bootlegs of this?: Yes

Also something I haven’t mentioned so far: while my figure doesn’t seem to have any problems with tie, paintjob or arms, he did come to me as a heavy, heavy leaner. He was leaning forward so much I was almost afraid he’d fall over. Pretty much the original smooth criminal. But it’s something that is fixed quickly with a hot bath.
I’ve got the same problem with MH’s Lancer now. He doesn’t lean much but just enough that it starts bothering me. On that occasion I might do a tutorial on how to fix that. Would you be interested in that? Let me know in the comments section!
But first of all, let’s wrap things up with the usual pros and cons:


  • Lots of extra parts
  • Various display options
  • Amazing details (real chain, flames!)


  • Color transfer from sword to hands
  • Fixed expressions for normal and satan-rin
  • Overall quality control issues

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