Upcoming Convention


That is actually what I’ve been up to.

Next weekend there’s a small anime convention not too far from my hometown and I thought that would be perfect to promote my blog a little bit.

So these past days I spent creating some business cards I can sneek in here and there. I made some colored versions of my 4 chibi figure duchess’ to put on the cards (the b/w versions are on my about page).

I thought I’d just let them get printed at a copy shop, which led to me encountering what seems to be the biggest asswhaffle in a copy shop in my town. If you’ve got hugeass professional printers to work with and all you get is a kind of smear that doesn’t even resemble the original colors in any way.. well… that’s one thing. But being an unfriendly asshole all through the process won’t make it any better.  The guy almost through me out by the end but I was glad to leave anyways. Wow.. have not experienced something like that in a long while…

Anyways.. I bought new cartridges for my printer and punched in some photographic paper and now after some endless cutting and cutting and cutting… I’ve got 100 pieces of these beauties

I’m pretty satisfied with those :D

Colors turned out a bit different for every sheet but ooooh well, for something that’s completely self-made, this turned out pretty cool.

Also I’ve been helping out Flügelchen with here preperations for the con! She’ll have a workshop there and a stand, selling cool stuff from prints to jewelry. You should really check out her artist page. It’s in German but just look at the amazing pictures :)

Other than that, there’s not really much to say. Been watching some anime: Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin, Ghost in the shell Arise, am halfway through Noragami and started a few shows from the spring season… I should really do some reviews >_>

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One Response to Upcoming Convention

  1. I think you really captured the spirit of your blogging-style with the cute “mini” duchess. :D

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