Mini Duchess: Sengoku Basara One Coin #1

It’s time for another Tiny Review! :D
This time we’ll be looking at the Sengoku Basara First Formation Set of Kotobukiya’s One Coin Series.

The initial release date for this was in May of 2009 but don’t worry, due to Sengoku Basara 4 and the new anime season coming up, Kotobukiya decided to re-release this set this month so get it while it’s still available!
The re-release is called “Heroes Gather” and contains 2 additional characters, namely Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ishida Mitsunari. I own the initial release so those 2 are not included in the review (I’ll have a look if I can get them seperately).

Buying the full set you’ll get a big box, which could also serve as a display box in stores. Swing the cover open and fold it in the middle and you’ve got that super cute chibi-picture at the back of the box showing while being able to look at the insides of the box.
The photo on the right is the bottom of the box. If you’re willing to cut out the pictures you’ll get cool little backgrounds for the figures.

The big box contains those little boxes with the actual figures in it. There’s 10 little boxes and 10 different characters. When ordering the whole set you’ll get a note that says something along the lines of “could be that not every char of the set is included” but I found that very unlikely to happen. I’ve bought a bunch of tiny figure sets and up till now no char had been missing.  I guess they’ll just tell you to be on the safe side if anything goes wrong while packing these.

Date Masamune :) He’s my all-time favourite of the show <3

Every figure comes with a tiny diamond-shaped base with golden lining and a little flag with the char’s name on it. The flag is attached to the base via a balljoint so you can move them around.
Keep in mind that you can always click on these photos to get a bigger version :)

If there’s Masa there also has to be a Katakura Koujuro!

The line is called One Coin Grande but really, these figures are tiny. They are around 4cms in height (2cm head, 2cm body) but the quality is amazing! The heads are attached to the bodies with  balljoints, too. The degree of movability depends on the character, though. With some you can move the heads around freely, with others you can’t move them at all due to the sculpt of the hair or clothes.

And of course there’s also Sanada Yukimura.
The spears are removable/adjustable. I love that chibi design with those swirly eyes.

Takeda Shingen
His head is pretty much stationary. The hair is just too big to be able to move around the head. Big, bulky chars and villains are always the cutest chibis *laughs*

And here’s Sarutobi Sasuke as the last one of the Kai-fraction. He was also the ‘secret’ figure of the set.
I’ll include a close-up of the weapon in his hand at the end of the review, together with a bunch of other detail-shots.

Although I’m all about the Date-Gun, this is actually my favourite of this One Coin Set.
It’s Oda Nobunaga.
I mean..look at him.. with his tiny mustache and those bags under his eyes. So adorable xD

Nouhime is the next one of this line-up. Actually every important char of the Nobunaga fraction is included in this set (not including Oichi, she’s technically not on her brother’s side so she’s with her Nagamasa in the Second Formation set)

Akechi Mitsuhide
Never liked the jackass, but his hair looks pretty cool here. Because of that it’s kinda hard to move around the flag, though.

Mori Ranmaru
I have close to no memory of that one. I guess he didn’t get a lot of screentime in the anime. I only remember that he was Oda’s archer kid.

And last but not least: Itsuki
For me she probably falls in the same category as Ranmaru =_=
Did she get more than one episode in the second season? Someone enlighten me?
The little snowman she comes with is super adorable but at the same my worst  nightmare. This thing is like 2mm in height and there’s nothing on the base to secure it. When Itsuki’s not in the showcase I live in constant fear to lose… or that my cats will just eat it. It’s so tiny.. Q_Q

And here are the close-up shots! I really love my macro lens, though it’s relatively unforgiving. The paint of the bodies does seem rough but remember that they’re just 2cms small. The amount of detail is absolutely stunning, considering that size.

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3 Responses to Mini Duchess: Sengoku Basara One Coin #1

  1. they are so adorable :D i love every single one of them and thank you for a another great review, i should get my hands on one coins myself >A<

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