Review Duchess: Gintoki from MegaHouse

I’m in the Gintama hype again.
Caught a cold, so what better thing to do than to catch up with the series.
I’ve got around 10 episodes left from the whole of 265, which makes me incredibly sad. I love this show :< I hope it will get a continuation some day…

I’ve got a bunch of Gintama figures from Megahouse, but let’s start with the protagonist of the show: Sakata Gintoki


My Gintoki is from the initial release back in August 2009. Since then he’s gotten no less than 3 re-releases, namely in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Quite incredible if you ask me, considering the tons of variations available. There’s also a Kintoki with blond, straight hair, a special ‘normal’ Gintoki with an umbrella and a third one after the timeskip looking like Yamcha(?)

As you can already see from the pictures, the regular Gintoki comes with both a wooden sword and a giant fork to place in his hand.

This is what the box looks like. Nothing out of the ordinary I would say. Megahouse Gintama boxes look pretty much the same, only the print varies for each character. The interesting thing is actually hidden inside.

The inlay looks pretty boring as well, right? It’s so serious with all the black and letters in red. So, I’ve actually never noticed that until I read it somewhere on the internet but the inlay is printed on both sides:

Now that looks a looot more like Gintama. I mean look at that. How much of a mess is that?! I love this box design. There’s just so many random things thrown onto it. Why bagels?! Wouldn’t donuts make more sense, you know.. because sugar?!
Anyways, it would be great if someone could confirm if the other figures have that inlay design as well? Kai version Hijikata and Kagura don’t have those anymore, but the first Hijikata does, so I assume every char of the first batch got it (which would be Katsura, Takasugi, Okita and Kamui).
Let me know in the comments section!

I love how Shinpachi is being the straight guy again *laughs* His face is gold. It’s like he’s questioning that super strange design and why the hell he’s gotten involved in that again while every other character on the inlay is completely fine with it. “Bagels and cake and coffee for a figure box? Seriously?”

Moriwaki Naoto is the sculptor of this Gintoki and also of the complete first batch of Gintama figures by Megahouse. She did a few other Megahouse figures, as well as Alter’s exclusive figure of Natsume Takashi (who’s getting a resculpt/re-release btw. So excited *_*)

Gintoki is (kinda obviously, because it’s Megahouse) a 1/8 scale, standing about 21cms tall.
The base is pretty simple, if you want to have a look, click here. I tend to remove the base when taking photos, if the figure is able to stand on its own.


There’s only one flaw in this figure, but sadly enough it becomes apparent rather quickly when taking photos of Gintoki. His pose is extremly weird at a lot of angles because he’s leaning back so much. As you can see, front view and left side view (left) look completely okay, while back view and right side few (right) are just really awkward.
I think it’s the position of the right arm that makes things weird. The white kimono(?) he’s wearing concealing the left side of his body makes the pose look right again, though. If he wasn’t wearing that, the figure would be pretty much unbearable to look at, as if his spine was snapped in two.

His clothes, on the other hand, look great. The color-variation is nice, with his kimono in flat colors, while pants and shirt have a matt, velvety finish. Folds are sculpted really well and color-application is done accurately. His right hand is sculpted in a way that sword or fork fit loosely in it, but without any danger of them slipping or falling.

The boots feature all the necessary detail and are painted with a glossy finish. Not sure if they were so shiny in the show, but it certainly works well with a 3d-figure, because otherwise his overall black-colored clothes would look rather boring.

Despite the obvious problems of the pose at certain angles, I do like it, considering the fact that it fits the character so well. It’s really casual and laid-back and that’s exactly how we experience Gintoki most of the time. His perm is sculpted faithful to the original design and painted gradually from white to blueish-silver. Comparing the eyes to prototype-shots, I noticed that they are slightly misaligned, though it’s not really noticable without that comparison.

Highlight of the figure is probably the kimono. His overall static pose gets a dynamic feel to it thanks to the flow of it. The folds on this are absolutely fantastic. There’s just a tiny paint flaw on the pattern where some of them don’t align 100%. It looks like the pattern they used to paint this on slipped a tiny bit out of place at times.

The right side of the kimono is folded perfectly, too. There’s even a slit sculpted into the part where the arm would go into if this was real cloth. Despite Gintoki having a quite simple character design, there’s tiny details to appreciate all over the figure.

This one I only noticed because I was taking pictures. It’s a more unusual angle to look at him, but if you do, you’ll notice that the sculpt of his left hand is incredibly detailed and realistic looking. I bet you could show this to people and they’d think it’s a real hand and not a tiny pvc hand.

And last but not least the 2 options he comes with. I have absolutely no idea what it says on the wooden sword. I know this was mentioned in the show but I’m pretty sure it’s in the first season and I watched that ages ago so I can’t remember. Anyone enlighten me?
The fork has his name written on it, although the idea of a giant fork is a peculiar one. A spoon would make much more sense, considering he’s eating strawberry sundaes all the time. And there actually is a spoon for him but you could only get that one in a lottery. So let’s just assume he’s eating cake. Everything that has sugar in it is probably okay.

Are there bootlegs of this?: Yes

And that’s it for the first figure of my Gintama collection.
Let’s wrap things up with the good old pro and con:


  • Faithful depiction of the character
  • Detailed sculpt
  • So many re-releases, you can be sure to get one


  • Pose is weird at certain angles
  • Slightly misaligned eyes
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2 Responses to Review Duchess: Gintoki from MegaHouse

  1. It´s really great this figure is still available. I think it´s really great and the details you showed really bring out the great work they did with this figure. And the strawberry-theme you chose is really cute. :D

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