First loot of June (Ginpachi & Z Zoro)

01Soooo it’s loot-time again! Still waiting for Morgiana and the SB plushies, but in the meantime my bargain-sale Z Zoro arrived AND I decided to order the Ginpachi-sensei exclusive. Who would have thought, they’re both from Megahouse…

On a sidenote… That box of Zoro is the biggest box I’ve ever received for one single figure. I mean look at that picture… Ginpachi fits into Zoro’s box almost 4 times.. wth Megahouse… wth…xD

Let’s start with Ginpachi-sensei because I received him first. He’s one of the few figures that were actually cheaper when bought in Germany instead of importing him. I payed 130€ for him, on plamoya he’s currently at 200€ without shipping….

He comes with an additional hand holding cake and a face without the ci-…I mean lolipop.. You can also switch the bangs on which the glasses are attached. Btw, that base got so obviously recycled for Kuroko hahahaha

That’s how I’ll display him, though :)

I just love how he’s totally hiding a shounen jump magazine beneath that elementary school (?) book, although he’s teaching at high school…? xD

I’m really glad that I was finally able to afford him. He’s such a nice figure and he looks even better in person. Some people claim to have QC problems with him like pegs and lolipop breaking…? I don’t know, sometimes I just think people don’t treat their figures as carefully as they think they do….

This is so ridiculous hahaha but in such an amusing way. Couldn’t help laughing the whole time while unpacking and trying to fit him in my display cabinet. If you’re not exactly a patient person this will piss you off to no end xDD

And I swear, Megahouse is getting better and better at making Zoro figures. This is my third one and you can definitely see the levels of improvement. I have absolutely nothing to complain about, the only thing that needs some time and delicacy is setting up the coat.

His dimensions are insaaane….

Display case-owners might have problems making this look good. Might have to shift him around, too. Maybe my Zoro’s will get a detolf section for themselves.

If you need some measurements, just let me know in the comments section.

Dat sculpt… This figure is making me happy in so many ways Q_Q

It should be forbidden by law to sculpt abs like that… you delicious beefcake you…

*coughs* oh well >_> he… he looks nice, doesn’t he?

Plus, he comes with 2 additional heads.

3-sword-style would have been cool, but if you choose to display him like that you can’t have the coat, because it gets in the way of the sword in his mouth *sighs*

And while we’re already all about Megahouse, I managed to preorder Aomine :D

Next post will be DIY-ish :D

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