Last loot of June (Sengoku Basara & Morgiana)

And the last loot that cleared customs this month (if I don’t go on a shopping spree again…). Megahouse’s Morgiana from Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic and Gift’s Sengoku Basara plushies of Date Masamune and Katakura Kojuro

I needed those, although I’m not a big fan of plushies. Other than those 2 I’ve got 3 others but I try to avoid them because they just take up so much space and I feel too old to be cuddling with them.. so… but yeah.. I needed them.

Detail on them is pretty nice, everything that’s supposed to be there is present. They are about 20cm in height. Why are there no (decent) scales of these 2? Kotobukiya…???!!

You can also remove Masa’s helmet, although his hair will end up kinda messy if you do, which – let’s be honest – just makes this plush more adorable xD (He also has a right eye beneath his eyepatch, but without an iris so it appears blind. Prettttty nice)

I was kinda worried about Morgiana becoming a leaner because of her pose, so seeing metal pegs on the base was a huuuge relieve. Which was crushed the moment I had the figure in my hands.. Is it just mine or… is she waaaaaay too soft? Her pvc feels so soooooooft… She wobbles on the base due to that… You can also bend her arms and such very easily, I do hope she won’t prove too prone to heat :<

She’s so beautifully made! Normally I prefer characters in their original outfit but this one really improves the figure and, more than everything, the dynamic pose. And cheerful Morgiana is just so adorable <3

The base matches Aladdin’s perfectly. She’s beautiful, I really have nothing else to say about her. Other than I praaay she won’t lean omg please don’t do that to me…

Her dress is a bit see-through btw… but she’s not cast-offable (I was kinda confused because I saw this figure nude on the internet but I guess that figure collector just ripped off her clothes.. O_o )

Scale-wise she doesn’t fit Aladdin at all, though lol…

She’s so tiny in comparison. Megahouse usually gets this right but somehow they completely screwed up here. Would have prefered her to be a tad bit taller :/

Still I hope these won’t be the only 2 scales from the series we’ll see. I, at least, need an Alibaba and a Sinbad, too, or I won’t be satisfied.

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2 Responses to Last loot of June (Sengoku Basara & Morgiana)

  1. Luna says:

    Hello I know this is super late but where did you buy your Masamune plushie? I’ve been looking for it but he’s rather impossible to find T^T

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