Record & Review: Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Box

Sooo the 7th of June wasn’t only my 25th birthday. It was also the day I set a new record thanks to my absolutely amazing boyfriend (love you so much!). My manga collection has reached the 1000 – 1010 to be precise – and that’s why I decided to show you this birthday present in more detail that helped me achieve that ;)

I watched Fullmetal Alchemist and I loved it. I watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and loved it even more, so it was only a matter of time that I had to add the manga to my collection. So as a birthday gift I got the complete box set published by VIZ (English language).

It comes with all the 27 volumes, a novel (The ties that bind) and a double-sided mini poster. Not only does this look pretty cool, but it’s also a lot cheaper than buying the individual German manga. Depending on where you buy it, you’ll save more or less 80€ (without box, novel and poster). Enough reason for me to prefer the English version over the German one.

The box design is great. There’s no blank space, everything’s got something printed on it. It comes with a handle to carry the whole thing around and it’s opened and closed via those 3 velcro circle thingies.

Didn’t even notice there was a huge Ed in the background until I took this photo lol.

Sadly enough, the box itself was a little bit damaged by transit, but I managed to fix that and it looks as good as new. Although you have to say that the box isn’t constructed fragile at all. It has inlays and is made of sturdy cardboard.

The inlays divide the box into two sections where the manga can be put. Taking them out you’ll notice that the box design is continued here. As I said, no blank space anywhere. The manga fit into the sections nicely but you don’t have to fumble around to get the individual volumes out. I appreciate that they are not too tightly packed. Vacuum sucks.

I guess the cover design is basically the same as the Japanese volumes. The last one is the novel (bottom right). As far as I know it’s the 5th? Don’t know why they put exactly that one into the box, maybe it’s particularly good. I’ll see when I start reading it.

And that’s both sides of the mini poster. One quarter is as big as a manga volume. Let me get the exact measurements… 38 x 25,5cm

That’s what my manga collection currently looks like. I still have no idea where to put the box but I bet I’ll find a nice place to display it along with the rest :3

I promise, the next post will be a figure review again >_ <

Have a nice day!

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11 Responses to Record & Review: Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Box

  1. famouslyfamousity says:

    Oh wow I’m so jealous! I haven’t read the Fullmetal manga but the anime was really good. Nice collection.

  2. your collection is really great and that such a lovely gift you got :D

  3. syanno says:

    Hello! Really great stuff you have there! Our tastes seem to overlap a lot, especially in figures (my collection is really small though). Kotobukya Shiki is so far the most beautiful figure I own.
    I have a question, if you don’t mind: as a big fan of Gintama I want a Hijikata scale, but I’m having a hard time choosing the version. Which one do you like better? Also did you order the Benizakura ver Gintoki? If so it’d be great if you could write a review of it someday.

    • Hi and thx for the comment ^^
      Yes, Shiki is so beautiful <3
      For me, the 2 Hijikata scales from Megahouse represent the 2 sides of Gintama. The first one fits the funny side better, while the second one is more serious.
      I personally like the Kai Hijikata better, because I think he's got the better pose and being the later product, the figure itself is also of higher quality imo.

      I don't plan on ordering Benizakura Gintoki, though. I like my Gintoki cheerful and laid-back, so I'm not a big fan of the the new one, sorry :/
      I would be able to do reviews for the Hijikatas

      • syanno says:

        Thanks for replying! I think you convinced me to get the newer Hijkata, now to wait for the rerelease… About that Gintoki, I get where you’re coming from. I’m not getting him either, but that’s because I don’t want multiple figures of one character, as I own very little figures.
        I’m looking forward to your future reviews and beautiful photos then.

      • Thank you very much, I’ll try my hardest not to disappoint xD
        I also try to not have multiple figures of the same character but Megahouse is really making that hard for me. I’ll just pretend Gintoki and Ginpachi-sensei aren’t the same person q_q

  4. Anubis says:

    Hi, what a fantastic collection! :D
    What is the series on the bottom shelf in the middle (sky blue with the Yu-gi-oh spine art)? Thanks! :)

    • Thx! Oh boy, that’s the German counterpart to Shounen Jump called Banzai!. It was canceled a long time ago and I don’t even own these anymore xD I guess it’s time to update that photo sometime soon :)

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