Crafty Duchess: Detolf Upgrade

(I swear, the next post will be a figure review again q_q )

So what you see in that picture is probably the only thing about a Detolf showcase that sucks… Most of you already know about this problem. The last section of a detolf is basically ground-level, so putting figures there doesn’t look nice because they’re not really noticable anymore. You’d have to crouch and, let’s be honest, that’s too much work…

The other problem that I had in particular is, that my apartment is located in a rather old building (like… medieval old), which means that the floor and walls etc are anything but straight. Makes placing furniture pretty hard and especially my detolf kept wobbling around when walking by next to it. Figures kept moving and sliding off risers, plus the problem with the last section, so something had to be done.

This is what my lovely bf came up with. Steel legs that can be adjusted in height :D

I know, this is the complicated way. Most people just get a small piece of furniture to put it on but I couldn’t find anything with the right measurements and I wouldn’t be able to get rid of the problem with the uneven flooring.

Led lighting is also selfmade btw, this is what it looks like on the bottom.

Can’t really tell you anything about the way he made these things. Welding was involved =_= All that was left for me to do was screwing them onto the bottom of the Detolf.

And this nice little contraption allows me to adjust the legs by screwing the screw in and out. The whole thing is held in place by the nut above. The washer provides a flat surface for the screw to sit on and the felt protects the wooden floor.

That’s what the whole thing looks like. It raises the detolf by around 30cm.

Sooo pretty <3

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