Review Duchess: Z Chopper from MegaHouse

It’s a figure review! Yes! I’ve done it! @_@
Now that I think about it, it’s pretty weird that this is my first One Piece figure review. I’ve got 7 in my collection, so I better start throwing these in once in a while.
So here is Chopper in his Z outfit!

The box is pretty fancy looking, I have to say. It’s cluttered with flames and map-prints and symbols and Choppers and I really like how the windows of the box are Z-shaped (The top and the sides of the box also have little z-shaped windows). As you can already read on the box, it is – of course – a P.O.P. figure by Megahouse.

Chopper was released in May of 2013 and went for 3100yen. His scale is typically Megahouse 1/8, his overall height, though, depends on the headgear. With the default pirate hat he stands about 10cm tall.


Second display option would be this adorable bandana. With this he’s definitely the smallest with  only 8cm. You will be able to see his ears and antlers here, though, which can’t be attached to the pirate hat.

Third option is his normal pre-timeskip hat (9cm). I really like how both pink and red headgears work with this figure. Normally that color combination doesn’t really look good, but here it doesn’t bother me at all.

Although the base resembles the normal P.O.P. ones a lot, it does have a nice metallic finish, like the Sailing Again figures. They really tried to put as many information as possible on that tiny base *laughs* The Z-symbol is mostly obscured by Choppers massive coat, though.

I came to believe that the most important thing about a Chopper figure is his eyes. I see a lot of them staring at me with those dead fish eyes and it really gives me the creeps. It’s probably mostly due to leaving too much whites or making the pupils too small. This time, the sculptor Jyango did a really great job. The whole face looks completely different from, for example, the Sailing Again Chopper. His look of determination and that little mouth of his are just downright adorable!

The pirate head is pretty impressive. The pattern on it looks like a mixture of a skull and parts of his pre-timeskip hat. Again, the combination of red and pink does look quite nice here. My favourite part of this is that immense fluff attached to the right side. It’s really nicely sculpted (it also fits nicely around the weapon on Choppers back) and is softly shaded with a light blue color.

The bandana is made of 2 pieces that are attached to each other by several pegs. There’s 2 holes on the left and right to hold the ears and antlers. I have to say that this is definitely my second favourite display option. I would display him like that if it wasn’t for that fabulous, fluffy pirate hat.

That coat is twice his size and I have absolutely no idea how he would be able to move in that without tripping over it. It makes Chopper look even cuter, though, and that’s all that counts in the end. Actually… everything about this figure is cute. That jumpsuit he’s wearing underneath the coat reminds me of those clichéd swimsuits. The oversized belt holds his oversized weapon on his back. In this picture you can also see that his saber is attached to his …hand..paw…hoof? via a simple peg.

The weapon is probably the most detailed thing of this figure. Besides the pirate head, it’s also the biggest part of it. There’s really nothing to complain. It really does have a wooden feel to it and the golden ornaments are sculpted and painted most accurately.

Again, as with the coat, I have no idea how Chopper is supposed to use that weapon. It’s way too big, it’s basically 2 weapons in one (there’s even 2 triggers, which he couldn’t even reach with those tiny arms) aaaand I just realized I’m an idiot. He’d just transform into something bigger, right? Because that’s what Chopper does to fight…. He transforms… so I guess he could use that weapon after all… oh well…

While the coat is pink on the outside, on the inside it’s black. Also, his feet/hooves are painted. Although you’ll never see that, it’s nice to know it’s there.

The saber is nothing out of the ordinary but there’s also nothing to complain about. The only thing you’d have to be wary about is, that it does come loose quite often when moving Chopper around. Big sword, tiny peg on tiny hoof. It will fall a lot, but it seems sturdy enough that it won’t break on you too easily.

Without any headgear, Chopper will look like this. Swapping parts is fairly easy. The hats are just put on top and the bandana clasps around the head. Note that there’s only one set of ears/antlers. If you want his bandana look, you’ll have to detach those parts from the standard hat.

And there you go: This is all the parts he comes with (minus the base).
He’s my favourite Chopper so far. His face is just the best sculpt out there. I even prefer him over my Sailing Again Chopper (which does have borderline dead fish eyes). So if you want a cool and adorable Chopper, I’d recommend getting this one. I’m pretty sure he’s still available at some places (he even hit the bargain bins a few times, and he’s not that expensive to begin with).

Are there bootlegs of this?: Yes

(Bonus points for people who recognize the ship :D )

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2 Responses to Review Duchess: Z Chopper from MegaHouse

  1. thank you for another great review, i really like the scenery you used for this, it fits perfectly and the last picture is really awesome :3

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