July loot #1 (Sakuragi & Sena)

July loot #1:

TK Holdings Slam Dunk Sakuragi Hanamichi re-re-re-release (xD)

Banpresto J Stars Eyeshield 21 Kobayakawa Sena

Seems like I started collecting the Slam Dunk figure line at the right time! Mitsui’s teaser showed up a month ago, so it looks like I can get the team’s main characters one by one without waiting too long in-between <3

He attracts quite the attention in my collection. He’s not only tall, but also really bulky compared to the other ones due to the realistic anatomy.

The only thing I’m not too happy with are the colors of the base. I’m pretty sure that wood does not look like that lol (Funny fact: Shoes and head are removable, though I have no idea why, because there are no parts included to swap them with…)



Been looking for this one quite some time now. I found some J Stars figures in a few shops but Sena was never one of them. I finally found him available on MFC and had him imported from Mother Russia ;)

The detail is pretty nice, considering that he’s only 7cm. There’s even tiny spikes on his shoes!

I wish there was more Eyeshield21 merchandise *sighs*


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2 Responses to July loot #1 (Sakuragi & Sena)

  1. he is really great :D i hope you make a review about him in some of your next blogposts

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