Tsume Shop & HQS Figure

The second part of my loot this month deserves a post on its own. Because this, my friends, is my ultimate figure grail and I also want to talk a bit about the figure manufacturer, which not many people know about. The figure we’ll be looking at today is Tsume’s HQS of Eyeshield 21.

Remember last month’s loot post? And I thought Zoro Z’s Box was huge….

Tsume is a figure company located in Luxembourg and specializes in limited high quality resin figures. They started out with the HQS line (High Quality Statues) and recently added HQF and Xtra figures, which are made of pvc and are more affordable/not limited.

This one, however, is one of those limited resin figures. There’s only 400 pieces worldwide and it does have a special feel to it. First of all, as you can see in the picture above, even the box the actual figure box gets shipped in has a special print.

As you proceed to unbox the figure you’ll find this. The styrofoam is not only held together by adhesive tape, but also with this ribbon, which has the company and figure line printed on it. It doesn’t only look good, but it’s also really convenient when it comes to removing the styrofoam from the box.

3 layers of styrofoam hold the individual pieces securely in place. Everything is wrapped up nicely in plastic bags with additional bubble wrap where it’s needed.

I ordered this directly over Tsume’s official site, which was a first. It was a pleasant experience through and through. French is it’s main language but you can also switch to English. Not everything will be translated and at times their English is really weird but you’ll have no problems whatsoever to understand the important things when ordering a figure.

I’d like to think that the 339€ this figure costs is actually not thaaaat much because it’s basically 3 figures in one (+ polyresin +limited).

I’ve payed the figure in one go but you don’t really have to. Tsume has this nice service of paying for figures over a couple of months. When placing your order you can choose to pay it at once or in steps of 2, 3 or 4 months. This is a really nice option for the more expensive products. The figure will be shipped to you once you’ve payed the complete amount.

As the base has to accomodate 3 figures it’s huuuuuge…AND heavy (around 1,5kilos)

Once you’ve ordered your figure, everything’s handled incredibly fast. (Note that I’m located in Europe, as is Tsume, and that shipping time can vary depending on where you live). I ordered this figure on Saturday night (payed via paypal) and immediately received an order acknowledgment and a pdf invoice. It was shipped on Monday (received a shipping notification both from Tsume and UPS) and arrived on Tuesday. No customs because you have to pay no customs inside the EU. Shipping is trackable and insured (no other option here). I payed 30€ for that.

And that’s what the complete figure looks like. It takes up the space of a complete Detolf section… I was worried because of the figures weight and contradictory data on the internet. Tsume’s official website states that this figure weighs 8kilos, the figure box says 5kilos but after putting it on a scale it’s actually ‘only’ 3kilos. So at least with this Tsume figure, displaying it in a detolf is no problem as Ikea states that each glass shelf can hold a maximum of 6kilos.

The only thing I could criticize about Tsume’s site is that you can’t look into your current or previous orders. The only thing you can do with your account is changing your password, shipping adress and such. They’ll keep you updated via e-mail, though, so it’s not too bad, just something that seemed kind of weird to me.

Also, I can’t really say that their communication network is working too well. I contacted them a couple of months ago to ask about the 4-month-payment but did not receive an answer via email or ticket-system (their ticket system is all French). You’ll get answers just fine when writing a pn over their facebook site, though.

The figure itself is amazing. The base couldn’t be more detailed, the figures’ pegs are made of metal, the characters are portrayed really well. And as this is also the only Es21 figure in the existence of mankind, I couldn’t skip it being the massive fan I am of this manga. (J Stars Sena doesn’t count, he’s tiny…)

Still… it’s not perfect. Almost, but not completely. First problem of this figure: The football is attached to Hiruma’s hand with a magnet. That’s a great idea, IF…it would actually fit right. But it doesn’t. The football kinda hovers in his hand, the fingers won’t connect to it. The magnet is strong enough, though, to squeeze a bit of folded paper between the 2 pieces, so adjusting and fixing that is not a problem.

On the other hand, Hiruma looks fantastic. I was actually convinced to skip this figure when I first saw promo pictures of the figure. His.face.looked.horrible… at first. The official product pictures still show the old face, which is hella confusing. Even the pictures on the back of the figure box are the same olf ones. Ugly, ugly, ugly. BUT they fixed that, and now he looks spot on. He’s my favourite, so if he hadn’t been perfect, I wouldn’t have gotten this figure.

He also fits best on the base. Which is the 2nd problem with the figure. The feet and the base don’t align 100%. I can’t fit Kurita’s right foot into the ‘footprint’ of the base. Had it been pvc, it wouldn’t have been a problem to just bend the figure or heat it up a little. But it’s polyresin..soo…. it won’t fit, deal with it.

I also had problems attaching Sena to the base. The hole in the base to put the metal peg in was crooked. I actually had to work on that with hammer and nail to straighten things out. Otherwise he would have sported a ridiculous tilt to the left.

Cool thing again. He’s given a 2nd display option with a helmet.

Which is not only a helmet, but has a visible head inside of it. As you can notice here, you’ll clearly see his eyes.

This will be the last picture. It’s a loot post and not a review (Although it almost qualifies as one….). Every figure will have this metal plate included stating the number of the product you got. As you can see I got Nr 148 of 400 :)


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8 Responses to Tsume Shop & HQS Figure

  1. i think this figure is so amazing and every detail is so precious and great :D a great figure for a really great series and i hope you make a more detailed review of it

  2. Shiyo says:

    That figure looks amazing! Haven’t watched Eyeshield 21 yet. Is it high on your list?

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