Review Duchess: Shiki from Kotobukiya

Today we’ll take a closer look at this beautiful, yet deadly, lady.
It’s Kotobukiya’s Ryougi Shiki  from the Kara no Kyoukai movie series.

Let’s get the box out of the way, as always.
It’s really pretty. The colors themselves are kind of gloomy. Black with accentuated red strokes and letters, which are very fitting for the dark theme of the movies. But then again we’ve got elegant patterns in the shape of petals and ornaments.
Koto tends to not unnecessarily oversize their boxes. They’re big enough to hold the figure securely but that’s about it and that’s also something to appreciate. Especially for people living outside of Japan as it decreases shipping costs.

Kara no Kyoukai – or The Garden of Sinners – started out as a light novel series written by Nasu Kinoko. Yes, who would have thought, it’s Type-Moon.
A whole lot of 7 movies have been made from 2007 to 2009, followed by an Epilogue episode in 2011 and a final movie in 2013.

This figure of the main character of the series – Ryougi Shiki – was released in late February 2014 by the already above mentioned manufacturer Kotobukiya. Whether you want to see her as Shiki, SHIKI or shiki, I’ll leave this entirely up to you. I won’t go into that any deeper because that’s hell of a lot confusing.

I had a hard time selecting photos for this review. I took around 50. Shiki looks amazing at almost every angle. She does lean a bit more backwards than the initial prototype, which turned off some potential buyers but it doesn’t look bad at all. It’s still a very graceful pose. Hattori Tatsuya was the sculptor of this. He’s already done figures for Kotobukiya, like the two from Trigun and a few boys of the Prince of Tennis cast. Shiki stands 19cm tall to the top of her head and about 20.5cm in overall height.

Although the pose itself is not overly dynamic, it conveys graceful motion and pure elegance. The unsheathed weapon in her hand might be considered as a huge contrast to the overall feminine theme, but imo it contributes to the overall beauty of the figure. The slighty curved blade and the slimness of a katana goes perfectly fine with this design.

The details of the kimono will just make you stop and stare. The creases and folds are all in the right places and make it look like real fabric. I hope it’s visible enough on my photos: The rose-colored kimono has a shiny paint finish that makes it look like silk. The undergarment she’s wearing in red and blue, as well as the blue obi, are painted in matt, which makes the silk-effect stand out even more.

Taking a closer look at her face, you’ll notice that her lips are slightly parted, showing her teeth. Her eyes are glossy, which helps the expression to more depth. Otherwise they might appear a bit too emotionless, if not to say dead. The style is a lot more type-moonish than the anime adaption. Depending on which angle you’re looking at her, the expression will change from determination to concentration to something resembling a state of spiritual blessedness.
Her hair is sculpted in great detail, colored in various shades of brown.

Here you can take a better look at the soft folds of the kimono. The white embellishments are also visible here. The flower pattern is present at both her sleeves and the lower part of the kimono. They’re also painted in matt colors. This is also where my figure has its only flaw: A tiny scratch of red paint. You might see it better if you click on the photo for full view. I have yet to try and remove it but it’s almost invisible anyways.

The front of her kimono is impressive as well. The obi is amazingly detailed, with different layers of cloth and the cord around it (I know this has a special name but I really can’t remember what it’s called). The delicate flower pattern on her left breast is painted with utmost perfection.

A sideview will make her feminine curves visible in all their glory. The arch of her back  and the position of her legs indicate one swift motion, giving you a glimpse of red undergarment (there’s probably a smarter word for the kimono that goes under the kimono, too…).

The gesture of her left hand seems like it’s leading or supporting the way the sword hand is moving the katana. Yet again, the position of the fingers look really graceful (and/or elegant? Running out of synonyms here…)
Also, dem folds…. <3

Close-up of the ribbon. The sculpt is almost too realistic. The painting simulates embroideries and additional flower patterns. There’s also an intentional seamline from top to bottom of the kimono, where the individual pieces of cloth would be sewn together if this was real.

Her right arm and hand are also sculpted very feminine, especially around the wrist. Glossy nail polish perfects the overall look. The design of the katana is very simple, but even here Hattori-sensei added a pretty detail in the shape of the tsuba. (Btw, this is probably the least favorable view of her face)

Same with her feet. The ankles are presented in great detail. Every toe is individually sculpted and got the same glossy nail polish as the fingers.

And last but not least a photo of the base. Although I’ve chosen a snowy setting for this shooting, it actually has a white cherry blossom pattern on it. The base itself is of a dark pink color but is made of a slightly see-through plastic material.

I already mentioned this in my pre-order arrival post earlier this year, but this is how Shiki is attached to the base. No fear of pegs breaking or leaning or whatever. She’s secured on one foot only but with a screw and a really, really big trapeze-shaped peg. She also comes fully assembled like this in the box so you don’t have to do anything. Just take her out of the box and she’s ready to display without further ado.

And that’s my review of Kotobukiya’s Ryougi Shiki. Should you buy her? Yes. Doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movies or even like type-moon. Just get it. She’s beautiful. She’s my favourite female figure in my collection and I’ve also got Alter’s Menma so that says a lot I think.
It’s also time to officially announce that I’ll just stop with the pros and cons *laughs* That concept didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. But on a side-note, I started adding information whether there are bootlegs of a figure or not. I’ve also edited my old reviews to include that. So:

Are there bootlegs of this?: Yes

So be careful when trying to purchase this figure.
I’m also working on another little project to add to the reviews but I can’t say when that one will be ready. Just wait and see ;)

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4 Responses to Review Duchess: Shiki from Kotobukiya

  1. those pictures turned out so beautiful and i think you really captured this character perfectly

    • Thank you <3
      I'm really satisfied with how these turned out :D

      • Pasiat says:

        After your review I bought this figure :) Thank you. But I have a question. What is this white “material” at the bottom of the figure photos? Where Can I buy it? I want to buy display case for her( -> something ilke that, unfortunately I don`t know where to get it :() and this white “thing” would be nice addition to it.
        Ps. Sorry for my bad english :)

      • The white stuff is just artificial snow ^^ I bought that quite some time ago right before christmas but you should be able to find that on the internet, too.
        As for the display case. I saw that one, too, and it’s really beautiful but I have no idea where to get that, sorry :/

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