MegaHouse Kagami Taiga

Yepp, here he is! Kagami Taiga is finally here!

The second Megahouse figure of Kurobasu was released late July (with a one-month delay), cleared customs yesterday and today I can finally have a look at him :D But first things first:

Is THAT Hlj’s idea of padding?! Because I can’t see ANY freakin padding in there??!! I haven’t ordered something from them in a long time and I’m pretty sure I won’t in the near future.. They don’t inform you about delays, they’re slow to charge, slow to ship and that packaging is just ridiculous… The only thing that keeps the box from going left and right is because it was wrapped around a single sheet of cardboard on the bottom of the box, and that one was already dented… Needless to say it didn’t stop the box from going up and down… Seriously.. this has to go the long way from Japan to Germany, you might think people who sell these for a living would be more careful than that…. freakin stupid..

Okay, but finally, here he is. He arrived safely, no damage *sighs* and he’s looking good!

Here’s a comparison between Kuroko’s and Taiga’s base. Yes, it’s huge. But it needs to be that way. Let me show you why:

As you can see, this is actually the minimum size that the base HAS to be. Otherwise, with a pose like that, Taiga would just faceplant. I was afraid of how stable this would be with a pose high up like that but it actually is very stable. The huge base gives the figure the extra support it needs and the metal rod looks really reliable, too. Just make sure you push in the metal peg aaaaall the way into the foot. I didn’t do that at first and he was super wobbly. You might have to use some force but it’s meant to be that way. No worries.

And this is probably what you came here for anyways: The face!

I recommend you click on that to get the full-sized images. His face looks great. I guess we were all kinda worried about that. There doesn’t seem to be a single figure who gets his face right. This is probably the best face you can get, every other figure looks horrible. Even the chibis. I don’t know what’s so difficult about that but it seems like his face design doesn’t translate well into 3D. Anyways, there’s good and there’s not so good angles to look at his face, that’s true. But overall, in person, he looks fantastic and very Taiga-like.

This was a surprise! It’s covered up by the pants and you wouldn’t ever notice without looking at it at any other angle than this one above but he’s got super defined muscly thighs D: Sexy….

Also, nice shoes!

And this is what he looks like in my detolf. I’ll give you some measurements because he’ll sure give some collectors a headache with dimensions like that:

The diameter of his base is exactly 15cm

The metal rod is 10cm in height, meaning Kagami is 10cm up in the air.

The overall figure from base to top/basketball is 32cm (!!!)

So he might be difficult to place in most showcases, but as you can see, he fits perfectly fine into a detolf. I don’t really mind. The only one on pre-order is Aomine anyways, so I’ll swap Sakuragi with Aomine and I’ve got my 3 Kurobasu boys all together. If you want to display the whole bunch, that might be a bit more difficult.

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3 Responses to MegaHouse Kagami Taiga

  1. omg he´s so awesome :D i just can´t…

  2. Lutor says:

    Thanks for the review! He looks great! Can’t wait to receive mine.

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