August loot #1 (Nendo Gil & Merch)

I’ve been waiting forever for this one. German customs kept it for a whole week this time =_=

I’m in serious need for Mushishi merchandise. It’s such an amazing show but there’s almost nothing to buy. So I got this Zoku-shou Punpuni Cushion keychain. It’s super big and squishy :D

And while our prayers to Megahouse apparently don’t work: NENDOROID!!

He comes with tons of extra stuff. The only thing that’s kind of regrettable is that there’s only two faceplates. Would have also wished for an alternative hairstyle but oh well. I guess the gate of babylon compensates for the lack of those.

Looks great and it’s also really sturdy (lol, coffee mug in the background…)

Absolutely adorable! 10cm of utter sassiness. The painting is perfect. Haven’t found a single flaw on the first inspection.

If that’s no amazing paintjob, I don’t know what is…

All the parts. The tiny hands and feet are killing me <3


Yeah… you probably knew this was coming :D

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5 Responses to August loot #1 (Nendo Gil & Merch)

  1. Chi says:

    haha KNEW IT!!! DEFINITELY hahah xD

  2. the Gilgamesh-Nendoroid is so perfect and i love the last picture

  3. syanno says:

    I still haven’t lost hope.

    Hopefully, with the anime adaptation…

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