Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger! (August loot #2)

Kotobukiya is getting better and better, did I already mention this? Taking a look at Eren puts me at ease that Levi will turn out as perfect as he did (I do not intend to buy Mikasa btw).

They did a super funny thing with the box. This really took me by surprise xD

The boxes inlay has the female titan on it. The only other boxes I own that have a little gimmick like that are Megahouse’s Toshi and Gintoki. It’s really refreshing. More companies should do stuff like that!

The cardboard on the right holds the small parts from the 3DMG and the blades that go in the tree-base. Everything’s packed the Koto-way so the box doesn’t have to be unnecessarily big.

He looks fantastic, just like the promo shots. The only difference I noticed is the color of his hair. It’s a tad bit darker. They do look kinda black on my photos, but really, they are a dark brown, looking at it in person.

The head can be removed, so you can display him with or without the cape. The cape, though, contributes a lot to the dynamic of Eren, so I’ll leave it on.

The base looks amazing. Both base and figure are well balanced. The overall figure stands solid, no wobbliness or anything. The only problem I had was attaching the broken blades into the tree. The slots were way too tight or I was just too afraid to apply the force needed to push them all the way in. I carefully worked those with an exacto knife, now it’s perfectly fine. An instruction sheet is also packed in the box so you’ll know where every part is supposed to go.

Another surprise for me was the sculpt of the hands. Really, really beautiful. As you can see in the blister photo above, the handles are already attached to the hands. The only thing that needs to be added are the cables and blades. Nice system. No way you’ll damage the hands by trying to push the handles in yourself :)

The details of the 3DMG are simply astounding. Although there’s small and thin parts all over the place, the overall construction feels very solid.

He does look great at all angles. Can’t wait to display him together with Levi <3

The painting is spot-on. Nothing to complain about here, either.

I love everything about his face. The expression is great. Open mouth with teeth and tongue look perfect (I could imagine getting this right is really hard to achieve). He does look a bit younger with the slighty shorter hair than he should be, considering that he’s already wearing the cape, but it does look strangely adorable to me :D

I have nothing to complain about. He’s amazing. Go buy him.

GSC sucks…
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