Review Duchess: Archer from ebCraft

What better way to start doing reviews again after a (forced) break than with this manly man over here. Sorry for the delay, I hope you didn’t think this blog was dead. My final year at the academy is surprisingly stressful, I visited a bookfair and I fell ill about 10 times… Long story short: stuff happened. Bavaria has this neet fall holiday week so I finally had some time to take some photos again.

As always, let’s start with the box. I do believe this is one of the most detailed boxes I own. The golden ornaments are not just printed on the box but they also protrude a little bit from the rest of the design, which gives it a nice texture. Some of you might say “that’s nice and all, but you can’t even see the figure from the outside” and I’ll smile knowingly and do this:

Ta-da~ It opens up on the front. The whole thing is held together by those black Velcro circle thingies. The same design as the outside of the box is used here as well, together with some surprisingly well-phrased English text, talking a little bit about the plot of Fate/stay-night.

And here you are, there he is. The bone of his sword, the man who embodies the meaning of ‘gar’. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, this urban dictionary entry should help. Of course I chose this one at exactly this time because of the new F/SN show, which I’m actually pretty hyped about. The quality is insane! It’s more like watching a Kara no Kyoukai movie than a weekly show.

I tried to recreate something looking somewhat like Unlimited Blade Works (lol) Btw, this is also kind of a reader activity: How many weapons can you identify? Let me know in the comments ;) Extra kudos for people who can guess the figures they belong to. The winner gets one internet.

Let’s talk about some general figure stuff: He’s a 1/7 scale, sculpted by G.O. (who might be familiar to some, looking at the other figures he made) and manufactured by ebCraft/Enterbrain. Archer was released in september 2006 for 8800yen. From top to bottom he’s about 19cm in height. If he was standing upright he’d be about 25cm, which might make you argue whether he’s not more of a 1/6 than a 1/7, but oh well, I guess he’s just a really tall dude.

The sculpt and pose are super nice. It makes me wonder why most male figures are still portrayed so stiff, when they could already pull off poses like that back in 2006. Due to that pose, though, it’s difficult to decide which way to put him into a display case. I’ve got him inside my wall-showcase (which I showed to you in one of my earlier posts), so I can look at him at any angle I want. I do realize not anyone has something like that at home (xD) so I, at least, would recommend a showcase with a mirror in the back, so you can look at him in his full glory.

He also does look different – and fantastic – at every angle. I took more than 50 photos and I could have easily made a 360°-gif out of that. Sorting those out for this review was hell… The only thing I’m not too pleased with is his face in a front view. It looks kinda odd to me, any other angle is great, though.

His body-built is freakin fabulous! Alter’s Archer-prototype could use some of this actually. He’s extremely bulky and muscular, but also very lean around the waist when looking at him from a side-view. The design of his clothes accentuates that nicely.

While the tight black overall he’s wearing shows off his muscles, the red jacket and cloak/skirt thing around his waist are covering up the rest in absolutely magnificent folds. The paintjob also helps bringing out the great sculpt by adding depth to the wrinkles with darker colors. Nothing on this figure looks flat. Everything is properly sculpted and shaped, instead of just painting it on and be done with it.

God, I love that body-type, I really don’t know what to say anymore. I found myself taking photos of his abs over and over again hahaha You’ve got a figure for so long and then when you start taking photos up close and write a review about it you’ll just realize how great this figure is.

I’d never exchange this one for Alter’s upcoming figure, but depending on the painted finished product, I might get him too, just because I realized how much the 2 poses would complement each other when putting Alter’s Archer behind this one.

Kanshou and Bakuya don’t come as a surprise, as they are his weapons of choice when getting into a fight. I’ll just guess that Bakuya is the white one and Kanshou is the black one? (Please don’t kill me if I’m wrong) So Bakuya’s design is pretty simple, so there’s not really much to do here. Kanshou looks pretty nice, as the black paint gradually fades into a metallic silver by the tip of the sword. The comb-shaped pattern is also properly sculpted into the blade and gets a dark red to make it stand out more.

I just remembered that the “cloak/skirt thingie” I was referring to is actually called a shroud. Anyways… this part is not removable but it’s also not stuck on the figure. So you are able to move it around as far as the body of the figure allows it. Whatever that’s worth for…

The way it was sculpted it’s probably mostly responsible for the dynamic look of the figure. If it’s the wind moving it or rather the movement of Sh.. Archer himself, I’ll leave that up to your imagination. I also shouldn’t forget to mention the pants. Love the detail on the belts and folds.

The face is really the part to nag about the most. Most of the time it’s fine, at some angles it will look really weird. His ears are shaped in a pretty odd way, too. The shading of his hair could have been done better. Alter does have the lead with the face. I don’t know that the sculptor was aiming at. It certainly doesn’t look like the design from the first anime adaption and I can’t say if it looks particularly type-moon-ish.

I’d just say, avoid a front view. That’s really all you have to do. But his pose is sculpted in a way that you’ll naturally have him standing in profile anyway, so it’s not that bad to begin with. It’s just, if this figure has one weakness, it’s definitely the face. Enough said.

No, no, actually I was lying. This part is the ugliest of the figure. That base is pretty much unacceptable *laughs* Grey platform, no design whatsoever. Probably no money left to put out something decent. Really… that base never stops bothering me. And he can’t stand without it. Base-modders, please do something about that, will you?

Are there bootlegs of this?: No

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  1. he looks really great ^^ i love the set up you made for him, it really fits his person

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