MegaHouse Aomine Daiki

Finally some loot again! Number 3 of my KuroBasu-Boys moved in today. Was I lucky! As soon as I had arrived at home, the DHL guy rang the doorbell. Perfect timing or rather close call.

At first I wasn’t someone who shared the worries of people talking about leaning but as soon as I saw the base, that kind of changed… I don’t know why but Megahouse decided to go with plastic pegs, instead of the metal pegs that, for example, Kuroko has. His pose is leaning a lot more to begin with and he’s heavier/bigger than Kuroko so it’s really weird that they would go with something a little bit more unstable. Maybe it has something to do with the size of the base. It is exactly the size of Taiga’s base.

So here he is, looking great! :D

The quality is amazing, like the rest of the KuroBasu series by Megahouse. As already mentioned, he’s number 3 in my collection. I really have nothing much to say this time so I think I’ll let the photos do the talking:

The anatomy is absolutely delicious <3

Super nice details *sighs* He was supposed to arrive together with Dandy but unfortunately that one got delayed to somewhere around this month. I need my Suwabe Junichi-voiced character-figure-fix! >_ <

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One Response to MegaHouse Aomine Daiki

  1. Star Buck says:

    ahh he is so perfect :D

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