Urasawa’s Monster VIZ Perfect Edition


The end of the year is killing me. Birthdays and Christmas coming up, university is stressful as hell, I’ll have to work like an animal in retail during Christmas sales. Oh boy. Can’t promise that I’ll have time to do a figure review. That will probably have to wait till next year. What I’ll definitely do is a loot post next week or the week after (depends on a certain someone.. yeah.. I’m looking at you, customs..) and a review of something more traditional. Bear with me, I’ll be back more active in 2015 q_q

Anyways, that’s not what this blog entry is about. Remember when I was a big slowpoke and totally excited about the reprint of Urasawa’s Monster? I’m being a slowpoke again. There’s already 2 volumes out and guess what? I read them last week *sighs*

Still felt like doing a first impression on that and having 2 volumes to judge by isn’t too bad. I won’t talk about the story, though. A summary can be found in the blog entry referred to above. I don’t know anything about what happens after Volume 2 Kanzenban (Volume 4 regular edition) because it’s my first time reading it. All I’m gonna say is that this manga is amazing and I can’t wait till more of it is released. But that’s probably nothing new, as I have never heard anything negative about Monster.

Now let’s take look at what VIZ has done with its reprint!
First of all, the obvious facts: The Kanzenban, or Perfect, Edition is a 2-in-1 manga published under Viz’ Signature product line. Which makes it not only thicker, but also overall quite bigger than the average manga. Ca. 21x15x3 cm and around 400 pages for US$19.99, £12.99 or around 15€.

There will be 9 volumes in total and the cover design is the same as the Japanese Kanzenban Edition. When I got the 2nd volume I noticed that the front actually fits together. After some research I found out that putting all of the volumes together results in one big picture of a red wall full of frames. Neat!


The inside is also really nice. The first 2 pages always consist of 1 black foil page that’s see-through at one particular spot which allows you to take a glimpse at the colored 2nd page. Pages of chapters that were colored in the original release are also printed in color in the perfect edition. What I found really funny and weird is that at the end of each volume there’s a sound effects glossary. Just….why…. That’s so useless, why would you read that?

What I also really, really liked was the English translation. As the whole story is set in Germany I just love how they left some things in German, like various titles such as Mister (Herr) and Misses (Frau) or location names (North Rhine-Westphalia <-> Nordrhein-Westfalen). Newspapers and the various messages left on the wall are also in German. The characters do read them out in English for non-German speakers to understand but as a German myself I appreciate the little extra-effort they put into the translation here. It makes it much more believable and also easier for me to immerse into the story.

The 3rd perfect edition will be out in January. Really can’t wait <3

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