Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger! #2

Our favourite Heichou arrived at my place today after freeing him from prison customs.

He’s my second Attack on Titan Kotobukiya figure after Eren. He does look fantastic, although I got the feeling that he wasn’t manufactured as accurately as Eren. He’s got a few paint blotches here and there but he’s still fabulous, so let’s take a look!

Like Eren’s box, Levi’s got the Colossal Titan flap :D

He’s also put together the same way as the other SnK figures from Koto. This time, however, I had no problems attaching the blades into the tree. Everything fit together nicely. An instruction sheet will help you with that.

First thing I noticed when getting him out of the box is that his shirt is a lot darker than in the promo shots. It’s not really white like the pants, but a lot more grey-ish. You can already see som paint issues on the cloth around his waist. I’ll remove those when I find the time.

Other than that, everything I already said about Eren is true for Levi as well. The sculpt is amazing, especially the hands and the 3DMG.

He does come with a little extra accessory. As you can remove the cape from all of the Koto SnK figures, Levi got an interchangable collar piece included. You can swap it with the flat one he’s already got underneath the cape (it’s sculpted as to not get in the way of it) and attach the additional piece that looks like it’s blowing in the wind, making his appearance a little bit more dynamic without the cape.

The hair is super accurately sculpted :3 Actually… EVERYTHING is super accurately sculpted xD

Funniest paint-flaw I’ve ever seen on a figure. There’s a tiny black dot underneath his right eye. It’s placed so conveniently that it looks like a beauty mark xD I find that so fitting, I’m not even sure if I want to remove it at all. Hilarious!

What’s also hilarious is that displaying him together with Eren makes Levi look like he’s trying to cut him into two hahahaha Look at him go… “I’LL CUT YOU!!”

Displaying them together also made me realize that Koto has also made some awesome design choices here. Eren is put pretty low on the tree, while Levi is placed pretty high up. That way you can put them close together and still get a good look at both of them because one figure won’t obscure the other :)

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