Space Dandy Is A Dandy In Space

This is definitely my perfect figure for ending this year of figure collecting :D

That said, it’s a real pain to get your stuff out of customs inbetween Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Whatever.. new content for the blog!

I really like the design of the box. It’s super color- and playful, thus perfectly fitting the feeling of the show. Btw, am I the only one who thought that Space Dandy was a weird mixture of Cowboy Bebop and Johnny Bravo? And weird in a good way? I loved both seasons, wish there was more. And I do hope there will be QT and Meow figures to go along with Dandy.

His default setup looks so cool. The sculpt is great. Some promo photos had me worried that his head would look too big, but that was really just the camera angle. Proportions are completely fine.

This alternate expression.. it’s just…. it’s…I’m at a loss for words here. Hilarious is a good start probably. Yepp, that’s freakin’ hilarious. Love it!

So so dandy xD

He’s also got another arm and another weapon, which I don’t really have a word for… let’s call it.. sword…-club…..-thingy. You can also put it in the hand of his default arm but that doesn’t look too nice imo.

What IS nice, though, is the way his arm detaches from his body. It’s not only the arm, but the whole part of the jacket with silver lining. You can’t even see that this arm is detachable. No seamline whatsoever. Brilliant!

And last but not least, the parts he’ll come with. The gun is detachable and the sword-club-thingy can be pulled apart so you don’t have to wiggle it into his hands too forcefully. You do have to use some force, though. At least the parts on my Dandy are a really really tight fit. Good thing Megahouse build their stuff sturdy.

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