Crafty Duchess: Broken Pegs Tutorial

Happy New Year everyone!

As we all know, the New Year comes with that dreadful New Year’s resolution. So why not do something fun and productive and fix that figure that’s been a mess for the last year? That’s at least what I thought, plus, it might be a useful tutorial for some of you guys, too! :)

Yepp, it’s Megahouse Lancer… He’s already starred in my last tutorial about fixing leaning figures. Quite honestly, he’s a mess. Constant leaner, pegs of the lances broke right out of the box. I tried to fix it with a screw, tried to fix it with a hot needle, nothing worked. I got frustrated and just glued the damn things together. But having those permanently attached to each other is quite annoying as you can’t switch arms on the figure anymore.

Soooo a new challenger appeared: Dremel. I love that freakin Dremel. It’s already my favourite tool of 2015 and it’s only January. Get a dremel. It’s awesome.

So what I basically did was break the lances clean into 2 again and remove the excess glue. Then I drilled holes into every single part. Make sure to drill deep enough, so the new “pegs” can be put in there securely. Needless to say, also be careful to drill as straight as possible into the lance or otherwise the parts won’t fit together or you’ll just end up with holes where they don’t belong.

Next step: find something to use as a substitute peg. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it’s sturdy enough. A needle, thick wire, maybe even a toothpick. Use whatever you have lying around. I actually used the pins of broken leds (I had just fixed one of my showcases the day before so I had tonnes of those…). Decide on which side you want the “peg” fixed to, get some glue in there and let it dry (If it’s a figure base we’re fixing you’ll obviously want the peg to be on the base, I guess).

After that you can go ahead and clip away on that peg to get the right length. Try to do that in small steps. The peg should be short enough so that the 2 parts fit together without any gap between them, but long enough to hold both pieces together. My drill holes were big enough to fit 2 led pins, so I just glued both in and twirled them around each other. That way the tip of the lance has something to “grip” on and won’t just slide off the peg again.

And that’s what it looks like when you’re finished.

Having something like those led pins has the huge advantage of being adjustable after you’ve glued them in. So it doesn’t really matter if the lances look kinda crooked on the first try because you can bend them into the right position afterwards. As you can see, the paint came off quite a bit (which was partly the glue’s fault). I did fix that a couple of minutes ago with some acrylic paint and a tiny brush.

Nice, now I can finally use that other arm again. Lancer does look quite happy as well, if I may say so :)

Hope this was useful! Get a dremel :D


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