Most Anticipated 2015


New Year, New Figure Releases :D

These are the figures I’m looking forward to this year:

Nr 1: Natsume’s Renewal Version by Alter/Altair!

This one’s release is just around the corner after some (expected) delays. Payment requests should be out these days. I prefer this one over the original version because it looks a lot more like the anime Natsume and that’s how I started this series, sooo no-brainer.


Nr 2: Pre-Timeskip Zoro by Megahouse

Also kind of a no-brainer. The sculpt is amazing, I can’t resist the Megahouse/Zoro combination. This pretty much seals it that he’ll get a whole display shelf for himself as this will be Zoro Nr 4 in my collection (Nope, absolutely no problem with the “horrible” nose sculpt here). Looking forward to pictures of the alternate head!


Nr. 3: Kid Zoro by Megahouse re-release (re-sculpt…?)

With this re-release and the whole shelf-for-himself business, I might as well start my very own “Zoro-timeline”.


Nr. 4: IchibanKuji Date Masamune by Banpresto

Did I mention that I’m a sucker for characters voiced by Nakai Kazuya? I do hope this will be decent in size. Sengoku Basara is seriously lacking scaled figures. I do believe there is one by Kotobukiya, but let’s be honest, that’s from a time when Koto still… kinda sucked.


Nr. 4: Atobe Keigo by Alter/Altair

This one…. was a surprise to say the least. I already own Koto’s Version but this is just so fabulous, it’s simply impossible to say no. I mean, would you look at that. That’s just ridiculously amazing. What’s with the recent Atobe/Prince of Tennis Hype btw? I feel like I missed out on something..

And then there are figures I’ll just keep my eyes on:

There’s Koto’s announcement of Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki, for example. Would be boring, but the little extra information “awakened version” keeps me interested enough. Let’s just wait and see how this one turns out.

And then there’s Union Creative *sighs*

As already mentioned here, the struggle is still real. I don’t know what to think and I’m really suspicious of how he’ll be quality-wise so I’ll be patient here as well and look at pictures of the final figure when it’s released in February.

And then there’s Union Creative again *sighs some more*


*Gasp* female figure D:

I’ve been looking for a good Motoko figure forever. I didn’t really like any of them so far and I’m not sure of this one either. Because it’s UC… and I’m not entirely sure if those immense jugs aren’t bothering me. I mean, I get it, Motoko is supposed to be sexy. But does sexy always equal huge jugs…? Can’t remember her boobs being so huge in the show (?) and I usually notice stuff like that because I’m not a big fan of boobs = personality. Which shouldn’t be the case with Motoko. A realistic body-built would have suited her better imo :/

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