Natsume Renewal Version 2015

First things first: The next figure review is already in the making aaaand I’m on Facebook now. I made this site for announcements, updates and minor stuff that I think are not worth an entire blog post. So do expect silly stuff to happen as well :p But now:

What a beautiful figure, what a beautiful box <3


I got lucky on the base but the box got damaged in transit. Probably has something to do with the fact that although I’ve got it shipped by ems, it took the package a whole week from Japan to Germany. Which shouldn’t happen with ems. 3 days max. So I have basically no idea where Natsume was during that time. The figure itself is just fine, though, but it’s really a petty considering the amazing box design *sighs*

I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said about this figure. It’s stunning and beautiful and amazing and I haven’t spotted any flaws (yet?). Yes, he’s kind of tiny, but we already knew that from the first release. He does look horribly lost in a detolf. Try to display him with figures his size, or else you’ll just feel sorry for him.

The display option without the kimono is fine. Fine, but I can’t see myself displaying him like that. It looks like something is missing and the overall look of the figure changes drastically. It somehow takes away from the calmness the figure conveys otherwise.

And let’s not forget about Nyanko-sensei!

There seems to be a minor paint-error on his head with the grey color. I’ve seen this on other people’s photos as well so it seems to be common but it’s not really too noticeable.

His body sculpt is plain adorbs. Look at the little fatty trying to get on top of that tree >:D

Almost died when I noticed the little pads on his paw q_q so cute…

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