Review Duchess: Hijikata from MegaHouse

And here I am again with the first figure review of this year. Let’s have a look at Megahouse’ first rendition of Gintama’s Hijikata Toshiro!

The box is quite the opposite from Gintoki’s, both color- and designwise, although the size of the box itself is pretty much the same. Instead of a bright blue sky with an overview over the city conveying a rather peaceful sight, Toshi’s box shows us the flip side of Edo.

The inlay is the same. It gives off a more industrial, almost corrupted, feeling. It’s like the perfect setting for this thorny guy to fight crime.

And then there’s this… I was already surprised by Gintoki’s reversed side of the inlay but THIS… it’s like Megahouse was still quite timid when designing Gintoki’s box but with Toshi they went all out. I mean.. would you look at all this crazy stuff… Rice with mayo, mayo bottle with Toshi’s face, Toshi in a mayo bottle costume, Mayora13, ghost story mayo Toshi and Toshi on the beach with a mayo bottle while the Shinsengumi guys are flexing and posing in the background. It’s ridiculous. It’s amazing :D

Onto the figure itself: Toshi was released in June 2010 – almost a year after Gintoki. He’s the standard 1/8 with a height of about 25cm. Moriwaki Naoto is the sculptor, which isn’t surprising. He was also responsible for Gintoki, Sougo Vers.1, Takasugi, Kamui AND Shiroyasha Gintoki (On a side note, he also created both Natsume and renewal Natsume from Alter).

The design is simple but well executed. There are no noticeable flaws here. His hair might look kinda weird from some angles (You’ll see that later) but he’s not suffering from awkward-stance-syndrome like Gin-chan does. Sword and cigarette are not removable. There are only 2 display options. Normal mayo bottle or ridiculous, gravity-defying mayo bottle with rice bowl. It’s not hard to guess, which one I prefer :D

The metallic paint for the Shinsengumi uniform is quite fitting and authentic, looking at how it’s portrayed in the anime. I do own the second Megahouse Toshi, too, but I’ll refrain from comparing him with this one just yet. I’ll do enough of that in the review of the second Toshi. If you can’t wait for that, feel free to ask in the comments section :) The only thing I’m going to say is, that this version here is way more ‘fleshed-out’ than Toshi#2. The latter is going down more of a bishounen-route body-wise (which is absolutely nothing bad, just 2 different styles).

Btw, some people might not know yet. Gintama will be back on television starting in April :D Finally, I can watch the last episodes I was too scared of watching, just because I didn’t want it to end (I’m currently on the Kintoki-arc).

I just LOVE how the rice bowl has its own base <3 There’s no peg there, it’s just put on top of it. I’ve got a tiny sculpt/paint error on top of the mayo-stream but, again, it’s only noticeable because the macro-lens is merciless.

Pants are nothing special but well done. Nice folds. Shoes are basically the same as Gintoki’s. They are also shinier than the uniform.

Just for the lulz. Yes, it stands on its own.

The expression and the sculpt of the hair are super nice. He does look a bit young, now that I’m looking at it up close. As I said before, his design is rather simple but there are tiny little details everywhere. His cigarette for example looks really good.

And here is what I was talking about earlier: The weird-hair angle. There’s just a tiny bit too much hair sculpt on the back of his head but it really sticks out. That’s probably the only “flaw” of this figure or at least the only thing I could find I was slightly dissatisfied with.

The sword is incredibly detailed as well. The jacket feathers out nicely, which makes the saya more visible. Although I have no idea what kind of motion would cause the jacket to look like that. But that’s simply where the law of “it’s okay because it looks good” comes into effect.

More close-ups of the jacket! There are minor, really minor, paint flaws where the gold paint is applied to those rectangular shapes. But other than that I really like the creases and folds and the buttons here and there. Nothing is paint only, everything is sculpted and the different shapes protrude from the “cloth” of the jacket.

At this point I’ve got nothing else to say other than “I really like the way the jacket was done”. When taking the photos I didn’t even realize how much I focused on it =_=

Jackkeeett…… Guess I just wanted to take a picture of how the shoulder blades protrude from it. I’m kind of a sucker for backs, I can’t explain why. Please don’t ask.

Yeah, what else to say. I’ve got absolutely nothing to complain about. This one is a really good representation of the character. I can see how many people can’t decide on which version to get. They both have their advantages and – on the top of my head – I can’t think of any disadvantages for both of them. I just cheated and got them both.

Are there bootlegs of this?: No

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4 Responses to Review Duchess: Hijikata from MegaHouse

  1. anon says:

    I can’t wait for Toshi #2, especially his rerelease :). Gin #2’s as well.

    • Seems like I have to do Toshi #2 soon xD I hope you don’t mean Benisakura Gin-chan because I don’t own that one and don’t even plan to :< But I do have Ginpachi-sensei

      • anon says:

        Yeah, please do! :-)

        Oh, you don’t like Benisakura Gin or something? I think it really shows his badass side in comparison to the 1#, not to mention he looks better next to Toshi #2.

        Have you seen that new Takasugi prototype from wonfes? I don’t even like Takasugi, but damn that pose is gorgeous.

      • He does look great quality-wise. I just like my Gin-chan happy-go-lucky is all ;) That’s why I’m not too interested in owning that version.

        Yes, I’ve seen it. Makes me regret that I actually don’t like him too much. The pose is amazing :<

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