Now would you just take a look at this huge-ass box O_o

Almost dropped dead on the spot when the delivery guy brought that massive thing up the stairs! It’s Brook!

And even the figure box itself is crazy huge!! This is the limited edition of Brook’s Sailing Again figure from Megahouse and funny enough the cheapest way to get a Brook scale for people in Europe. I’m not kidding, the limited edition is at least half the price of the regular edition Brook. Fans are scary! Seems like they were so pissed off at another metallic paint re-release that they simply refused to buy it.

The box design seems to be a little bit different from the regular edition. If you want to get this, he’s still in stock on Plamoya. Just keep in mind that shipping this thing is hella expensive.

Seems like some people received him with broken parts. I was lucky enough that it didn’t happen to me. I don’t mind the metallic paint at all, as it seriously isn’t as noticable as I thought it would be. He’s just a bit shiny, is all (the bones are still matt).

And these are all the bonus parts you’ll get. The funky donkey edition has an orange base while the regular edition’s is black. I prefer this one by far :) The ice on his sword looks amazing, only problem with this is that I can’t fit him in the detolf like that ^^°

Ball joints! Ball joints everywhere! The faces have them too – in the jaw – so you can adjust the mouth :D Wrists, arms and waist are ball-jointed as well. It’s nice that you can swivel around the arms as you like, the only problem with that is that there will be a noticable gap between arms and torso. Kind of sucks without the shawl, can’t be seen with the shawl. And why would I want to display Brook without this fabulous shawl :3

I can’t display this anywhere else than the detolf. He’s so huge! From crown to toe he stands about 30cm tall. The crown itself is attached to the head with the help of a magnet. Neat!

Just in case you’ll ever need to save some space: Chopper is a perfect fit here <3

There are tiny indentations in his afro to secure the glasses :D You can either put them like this or he can wear them over his eye..s….sockets…

He’s really so cool.. I’m so glad I finally got him!

Though I still can’t get over the fact that the figure box is actually bigger than Z Zoro’s… I never thought I’d ever own a box bigger than Z Zoro’s…..

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