Horn Point Chopper <3

I’m so unbelievably happy right now :)

I was able to snatch this gem from mandarake for 3k… yeah that’s right, 3000yen for a 7200yen figure. The condition was described as “unopened, little box damage”. And when he arrived – completely free of any custom charges (love you long time, mandarake<3) – everything was in the most excellent condition you could ever imagine.

Cool thing about the box design is this little piece of plastic that keeps the horns in place. I’ve heard a view times that these massive antlers could cause quite a lot of leaning problems but like that he sure won’t arrive as a smooth criminal at your doorstep.

The base is absolutely adorable but hey.. it’s Chopper we’re talking about so it’s pretty much a given that the base should match the character. It’s not only metallic pink, it also sparkles in the sunshine :D

Gosh, am I happy… He’s so cute…so amazingly cute. It’s been a long time since I had such a girly-squee moment where you can’t hold it in any longer and you just go totally crazy over the cuteness of a figure. I just LOVE him!

He’s just so super-duper adorable! Look at dem floppy ears and that cocky grin <3

Quality-wise the paintjob of the shirt could have been done better. Other than that I couldn’t find any imperfections. Everything else I’d have to say about this figure would most definitely have the words “cute”, “sugar”, “adorable” or maybe “adorbs” in it.

…..adorbs >:3

All jokes aside, the fur looks badass. It’s also spiky as hell so watch your fingers when touching it. The sculpt makes it look like all of this comes out of under his hat. Is that how it is? Is that actually Chopper-hair…? …from his head…? Like some kind of spiky afro-fur?

And these…these are just massive o_o

Only canon with the metal piece on one side :D

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