Mini Duchess: Sengoku Basara One Coin #2

Time for another Tiny Review!
This time we’ll be looking at the Sengoku Basara Second Formation Set of Kotobukiya’s One Coin Series.

The initial release date for this was in July of 2009, followed by a re-release in May 2014 due to the 4th installation of the game and a new anime show.

The re-release is called “Heroes Gather” – same as the First Formation – but as far as I know no additional characters were included in this box.

The box is the exact same as the first one – obviously with another color scheme and different characters on it. Big display box containing 10 little boxes.
The photo on the right is the bottom of the box. If you’re willing to cut out the pictures you’ll get cool little backgrounds for the figures.

And these are the little boxes, which each contain a tiny little blister for the figure.

Every figure comes with a tiny diamond-shaped base with golden lining and a little flag with the character’s name on it. The flag is attached to the base via a balljoint so you can move them around.
Keep in mind that you can always click on these photos to get a bigger version :)

On to the characters:

Let’s start with Maeda Keiji :)

One of my all-time favs. I just like that guy, maybe it also has something to do with Morita Masakazu, but Keiji is imo extremely likeable. At the end of this review you can take a better look at Yumekichi <3

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

His arms are moveable. Other than that I have nothing to say haha He didn’t really leave a big impression on me watching the show other than …dunno.. he was there and than he was kind of a jerk and then he was dead….lel…

Takenaka Hanbei

Well he lived longer than his lord…. so he had some more time to annoy me…before he eventually bit the dust…thank god…

Azai Nagamasa

I actually liked him a great deal. But I’m a sucker for honorable samurai-dudes in general so it doesn’t come as a big surprise. Damn you, Nobunaga…


As already mentioned in the tiny review of the First Formation, she comes as a set with Nagamasa, obviously. Weirdo.

Bishamon-dude :D Uesugi Kenshin

Typical case of honorable samurai. I like him :)


Despite all the Kenshin-gasms, the lewd-outfit and obvious fanservice.. I really really like her as a character. Her and Sasuke make for a great comedy relief. (Love the smile of her One Coin)

Fuuma Koutaro

The secret character of the set – quite fitting if you ask me. I enjoyed the little screentime he had in Judge End and would actually like to see more of him.

Chousokabe Motochika

Loud, stupid, rowdy. He’s an idiot. And a pirate. What’s not to like? xD

Mori Motonari

Apparently his fanbase is huge and I can kind of understand where that comes from but that sort of character never appealed to me that much so yeah… not joining the hype.

BUT..his One Coin is cool. His hat is attached to his head with the help of a tiny magnet so you’ve got 2 display options. Neat :D

And here are the close-up shots :)

Oichi’s outfit is extremely detailed but you can’t see that until you pop off her head D:

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