Date Masamune & the Amiami pre-owned section

First time ordering from the AmiAmi pre-owned section and first prize figure!

PUT YA GUNS ON! Let’s have a look >:D

People who follow my facebook page already knew that I caved in and snatched this one from the amiami pre-owned section. It’s A-Prize Sengoku Basara Date Masamune! Probably the only good-looking non-chibi figure we’ll ever get, so it was pretty much a must-have. Condition was listed as B+/B.

The box has been opened before so that’s why it was listed as B. No damage whatsoever. The backside shows one of the most complicated assembly instructions I’ve ever seen…. lol D:

Are…..? arere….?

It SEEMS like this is no damage but intentional but it’s still one of the weirdest figure boxes I’ve ever received. Three windows but no foil ಠ_ಠ


And here he is!

The blister wasn’t sealed anymore, either, but everything down to the packaging foil was included, which leads me to believe that B+ is just another way of saying “opened, but brand new”.

MFC says 18cm. He’s a bit taller than that. More like 18,5-19 cm-ish (without the base).

As I already mentioned earlier, he’s my first prize figure and I don’t know if it’s because he’s an A-Prize but I’m really impressed by and pleased with the quality of this figure. No excess glue, no excess material or damage to the sculpt, minimal seamlines on the backside of his legs.

The silver lining is a bit off here and there but the overall paintjob was accurately done.



Great sculpt, great quality. Nothing to complain about here.

This is really the only part I could complain about.

First I thought that the original owner tried to clean up the silver lining and removed some of the blue paint in the process but it seems like that’s a paint error that was already there to begin with. It’s a bit hard to see on photos but there are these light blue scratches on the backside of the jacket. I tried fixing that with q-tips and nail polish remover but nothing happened. Neither did I make things worse, nor better, so I assume it’s just a production error.

Yepp, so that’s it. I am highly pleased and glad I could get him :)



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