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I am back from the dead – or should I say, back from too important real life stuff?

Last post was published on the 30th of April, wow, I do apologize for that :(

On the one hand that’s because I’m slowly out of money to buy stuff to show you guys, so loot is kind of scarce these days. On the other hand I had absolutely no time for reviews because of my recent state exams.

But rejoice, part 1 – the written exams – are over and part 2 – oral exams – are scheduled for mid July so I should be able to deliver some content *sighs*


The next posts will hopefully have something to do with Samurai Champloo. It seems like I’m in the middle of becoming one lucky bastard concerning a certain figure aaaand I wrote a review on the series and the German Blu-Ray box that was released this month (I got one as a review copy). I have to hold back the English version of the latter a bit longer, though (exclusive stuff and shit).


Next thing on the schedule is this! Chibi Zoro is going to finally be released at the end of this month after a 1-month delay. Combined with this order is a Zapp Renfro keychain. Kekkai Sensen is my favourite this spring season. I need to get my hands on the manga. Nightow shows are amazing.


And last but not least! My birthday’s coming up :D

On the 7th of June to be more precise and I know of one present already (because I ordered it myself) and as you might have already guessed it has something to do with chinese lanterns. Besides that, I have no idea what I’ll get but I’m sure it will be a nice birthday loot post :)


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