A Story Of Heroes And Grails


I cannot believe how lucky I am. In fact, I still have a little bit of a hard time understanding what has happened these past days. But first things first:

Meet Mugen, the one holy grail in my wishlist I never would have thought to own. He’s pretty hard to find these days and because he’s coldcast and already a bit of an older figure (released in 2009) it’s not too easy to get one not completely in shambles. Recently there was a new and sealed Mugen on ebay – for $2,500. And another one for 160€ but with missing parts. In general I don’t mind broken parts. I got pretty good at fixing stuff if I may say so, but missing parts are a no-go for me. The incompleteness would bother me to no end, and with a rare figure like that I couldn’t hope to find replacement parts.

Fired up by recent offers and the blu-ray release of Samurai Champloo here in Germany (binge-watched it in 2-3 days) I began my search… and made a find: Heldenshop (engl.: heroes shop). They claimed they had him in stock. “Yeah, right” I thought, “no way this is true”. Just google it or look it up on mfc. Heldenshop’s reputation…hit rock bottom. Everywhere you go you’ll read about scam, not getting your items, not getting your money back, faulty info on stock, the whole range (I had the same experience myself. I remember ordering a figure from them years ago, neither getting the figure, nor an answer to emails and only getting my money back after threating with legal action). But then I found a German forum of figure collectors (non anime related) where the members claimed that the shop is fine as long as you know how to use it. And I thought to myself “Well, why not try it out?”.

So I opened up a support ticket with the shop, asking whether or not it’s true that they still had him in stock. On the same day, in fact only a few hours later, I got a reply from the manager himself “1x still in stock” I almost pissed myself with excitement!

I placed the order, but I was still wary. Lucky enough heldenshop is a German shop and I’m German so I had the option of cash on delivery. I went with this one because I still couldn’t believe it was true. With this I didn’t have anything to lose. If it’s true, I’ll pay the figure upon receiving it. If it’s not true, I won’t get the figure but I would not have lost any money.

Then I got the shipping notice. STILL COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

I asked for the tracking number via a new support ticket. A few hours later I got it. Communication with this shop does run smoothly.

And yesterday. Yesterday was the day. The door bell rang, I got the package, I payed for it and now he’s in my showcase. He was NEW and SEALED. It’s a freakin miracle.

It’s also a freakin miracle how an online shop can have SUCH a bad reputation that a gem like this can be sitting on the shelf for about FIVE years without anyone daring to buy it.. I could tell from the box this had been in storage for a long, long time. And I remember they already had it in stock back then when I placed my order for the other figure I never received. That’s why it also took me years to go back and try again. And it worked.

Well yes, that’s my story about heroes and grails. Hope I didn’t bore you too much. I’m still absolutely baffled that it worked out without problems. Can’t believe my luck.

For everyone who wants to take a look at the figure: Here’s the link

To German people: I wouldn’t recommend heldenshop as a shop to order from frequently, BUT I’d definitely check it out when searching for rare stuff. Just ask beforehand if it’s really in stock and go for cash on delivery, it only adds 5€ to the bill.

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