Union Creative’s Hozuki (& Other Presents)

Chibi Zoro is stuck at German customs hahaha how obvious *sighs* He’ll arrive sometime next week. I’m not too sad, though, because today is my birthday! Yay! Before I give you my first impression of Hozuki, let me tell you about the other (hobby-related) things I’ve got :D The original Ghost in the Shell movie on blu-ray – which I just finished watching – aaaaaand *drumrolls* an AMAZING lighting set from my bf for my review setup <3 Now I can finally throw out that light cube, which gradually warped into a modern piece of art, and I can say goodbye to my fluorescent tubes, which drove me insane because I had to balance them on top of the cube as I had nothing to attach them to @_@ (Maybe I’ll do an extra post for those)

I had my dear problems with deciding whether or not I wanted Hozuki. It would have been nice to look at him in person beforehand but the box design makes that impossible. I’ve seen the box before at a convention but the only way of taking a look at him would have been a complete unboxing. The design itself is nice but the lack of a window is troubling.

First thing I noticed after opening the box was the STENCH! Sweet baby jesus! I expected the same kind of fresh smell of pvc you get when unboxing a new figure for the first time, instead I got a mixture of paint and sealer (?) Surprise, surprise. That was really unexpected. As you can see they also included a postcard with the artwork the figure was based off of. Neat :)

He’s HUGE o_o 25cm from head to toe (without the base) and 29cm without base but with the umbrella.. 1/6 scale? The umbrella stick is not removable as it is both fixed to his hand and to the back of his head, most likely to support the weight of the umbrella top.

I already knew about the fugly seamline on the back, so that came as no surprise and it also doesn’t bother me that much because it’s obscured by the umbrella. The rest… is absolutely pleasing to the eye and Tthat did come as a surprise. Some angles do look weird due to the shape of the nose and mouth but overall I am really impressed. Very nice sculpting, solid paint job. It is the kind of paintjob UC seems to be famous for. A lot of people compare it to garage kit texture and it’s definitely different from your typical MH/Alter/Koto/whatever paintjob but here it looks absolutely fine.

What I already loved about the unpainted prototype and what I still adore on the finished figure is the sculpt of the hands. It’s immensly detailed and realistic looking. The same attention to detail can be found on his feet. I do feel like hands and feet don’t get the attention they deserve – maybe 1/8 scales are too small for elaborate sculpts – so I’m more than happy about this.

The pipe has seamlines on the bottom and top, which luckily enough are not that obvious when Hozuki is holding the pipe in his hand. Mini heart attack while trying to shove it inbetween index and middle finger. No problems, though. The fingers are very flexible, just don’t overdo it.

Another thing I’ve never noticed on user pics and something I also don’t think you can see on my pictures is the way the eyes were sculpted. There is actually quite a bit of an indentation in his head. The “eyeballs” are not on the same level as, for example, the eyelid or the red painting around the eyes (I refuse to call this eyeshadow). They removed about 1mm of material so the eyes themselves are pretty deep-set.

Now the cool thing about that is the additional shadow created around his eyes. I first noticed this when the sun came down and I switched on the showcase lighting. Right now he’s staring at me super pissed-off haha It really makes him look more sinister. I don’t know if that was the intention behind this kind of sculpt but it’s at least a very nice side effect.

I am thoroughly impressed and pleased by this figure. Union Creative did a great job with this one. I still don’t trust them haha mostly because their quality is a constant up-and-down. I still think that their Psycho-Pass figures are ugly and my stomach still turns looking at their Yowamushi line because that body-sculpt is imo the epitome of anorexia and don’t even get me started on the face of their Motoko but I can sure as hell recommend this Hozuki to all of you.

Oh my, this post took me so long, it’s actually no longer my birthday D:

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