Tiny Zoro, Tiny Loot + Cleaning Is No Fun

The tiniest package was handed to me today xD Mild Zoro and a Kekkai Sensen keychain was everything I pre-ordered for this month. They arrived just in time as I have finished cleaning my display cases and rearranging their contents yesterday. Cleaning glass is a pain :/

Kid Zoro comes with two bamboo swords, 2 heads and a super small and cute base.

The new release seems to be an updated version, though I can’t see much of a difference here. Could someone who owns the initial release confirm that/point out changes?

I do wonder why the base isn’t even big enough for his feet. Not that it’s bothering me or anything. Just curious.

Small figure for small money and a simple design. No screw-ups, everything looks fine.

Kind of funny fact: His head is just as big as the heads for grown-up Zoro :D Face proportions are of course different.

I would have preferred a smiling face instead of 2 grumpy ones but he’s cute as he is. I have to work on the second head a bit. I wasn’t able to attach it to the body and I didn’t want to apply so much force as to break anything.

Well, well, well, my ever growing Zoro collection. The next one will be released in August *cries* Megahouse tortures me ;_;

And here’s the Kekkai Sensen Zapp Renfro keychain :D I needed this in my live. He’s my favourite <3

Btw, this has become standard procedure with my acrylic keychains and i really recommend this to people who not only collect keychains but also intend to use them. I don’t know why these are made with the print on the back without any sealer or protection whatsoever. In daily use the picture will just scrape off (I ruined 2 SnK deka keychains before realizing that). So the backside will get taped now!

Excess tape is removed with an exacto knife and voilá – sealed keychain ready for use :3

Now everything’s squeaky clean again <3 Yes, this took me the whole day :/ No fun.

As you can see one detolf still has no lighting installed and the one in the middle is already darker again. Seems like the cheap China LEDs won’t preserve their color, so I have to change them ONCE AGAIN ugh… This time I ordered quality LEDs. Let’s see if that works out.

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