Turks Trading Figure: Reno & Rude

Remember when I wrote that atm I could only afford 5-10€ items?

This one was 7€ xD

This is not only a tiny loot in the sense of… the loot being only one item but also in the sense of…damn these trading figures are tiny *laughs* The whole thing is about 9cm in height.

For 9cm figs this is actually done quite nicely. I mean, there are problems, but it’s still really good for that size. The paintjob is not the most accurate and on each jacket you can find a small circle of excess material (I guess from the riser?).

The thing I could complain about most is probably the sculpt of Reno’s face. But I feel like I shouldn’t complain because what are you going to do as a sculptor? That face is probably like 5mm, how is this supposed to turn out a masterpiece? But yeah, I don’t like that front view. Sideview is okay, though.

On the other hand, Rude turned out pretty cool. But then again there’s hardly anything that could go wrong. Bald: check. Sunglasses: check. Earrings: check. There you go: Rude.

Dat girly face tho q_q

It’s really surprising that FF7 doesn’t get too much figure love. There are some really old coldcast ones and really bad looking trading figures and that’s about it. It’s really sad that the Play Arts figures are the best looking out there.

First of all, because I don’t like action figures. I’m not into posing too much and I prefer a nice static scale over figures with joints.

Second point: I hate Play Arts. I own the PKA Ezio and while he’s the best looking Ezio figure I’ve ever seen he is UTTERLY USELESS. The poseability is laughable and he doesn’t even come with a base so he’ll faceplant on a regular basis. Also when I try to pose him his right arm and left leg will come off more often than not.

I love the sculpt, I hate the useless action figure “feature”.

But it seems to be the only way to have figures of FFVII, or should I say: Advent Children? Next problem. I’d prefer the outfits in the game. Then again I feel the need of owning Cloud in VII, Crisis Core, and Advent Children version. I don’t like the way Reno turned out but I do like the updated versions of Cloud, Tifa, Vincent and Nanaki (although the latter isn’t bundled with Cait Sith anymore. Why?). Why are there no PKAs of the other Turks? Updated Reno + Rude + Tseng, please!

Ahhhhhhh I don’t know what to do….

(I also like the look of the Zidane/Vivi PKs *sighs*)

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