(Disclaimer: This is an old post with direct links to MFC pics. MFC updates pics with the same link so the original prototype pics are gone and got replaced with ones of the finished product)

So, my usual take on WonFes is “do not expect anything and you won’t be disappointed”. Don’t get me wrong. I am looking forward to every WonFes’ but over the years I just realized that, most of the time, this won’t be mindblowing for my type of collection.

As expected, Summer WonFes was a letdown for me.

I am always amazed (and shocked) by how hyped people can still get over the 10,000th Miku, the 5,000th Sonico (and that disgusting monster Pochako), KanColle and Touken Ranbu.

Dear god, Touken Ranbu. At first I was so happy that figure manufacturers seemed to realize that male figures did indeed sell. Sadly enough, they only apply this knowledge on Touken Ranbu exclusively, so what we have now is not a boom in male figure production in general but an abominable head-to-head race between Touken Ranbu and KanColle, and I am sick and tired of both.

If you play the game(s) and this is your thing and you’re super happy about it, I am also happy for you and I really don’t want to spoil the fun and excitement for anyone. I am just so not interested in the browser games, so I’d wish for a little bit more variety on the figure market *sighs*

Anyways, let’s talk about my personal winners of this WonFes, which are

Kotobukiya and Alter.

(MFC Link)

Koto is my personal hero of Summer WonFes.

I would have NEVER thought that Mononoke (no, this has nothing to do with Princess Mononoke), respectively Kusuriuri / Medicine Seller, would get a figure and LOOK HOW GORGEOUS THIS LOOKS. I cannot wait to see the paint on this.

I wish they’d include the medicine box, too, but I am thoroughly pleasantly surprised and pleased and amazed as it is. I will get this for sure!

(MFC Link)

As much as I would love to have a ‘proper’ scale of Klaus…

This. looks. BADASS.

And it’s so different in style that I would absolutely not mind buying this AND a scale, if one were to be made (maybe by Alter, but let’s save that for later).

(MFC Link)

And last but not least, Koto’s announcement of a new Major!

I actually only keep this in my wishlist because I’m curious about how this will turn out. I’m still waiting for a classic Motoko for my collection.

(MFC Link)

I already posted this on my Facebook-Timeline yesterday, but this is my favorite of Alter this time. More Kekkai Sensen, finally a figure of a show’s main character + Ending Version. So much awesome in one figure.

Please, Alter, include Sonic with Leo and do the other characters, too. Zapp needs some love and I need some Zapp-love.

(MFC Link)

I will definitely keep my eyes on this one. Though I seriously don’t know if I want to buy this. I try to avoid Nendos but I don’t know if OPM will be Scale-material in the future. And the way GSC is right now I get the feeling that this picture already shows everything we’ll get if we are not willing to buy into GSC shop exclusives. In that case I’ll skip it like I skipped the Hoozuki Nendo. Simple as that.

Well, and that’s actually it.

Time to rant some more! xD

Loser of this time’s WonFes is…. MegaHouse. And this pains me.

I adore MegaHouse. I love how they cater to everyone. I don’t think that there is another figure manufacturer who tries to please such a variety of tastes and I always loved how they seemed to not give a shit about taking risks. They were the first to have male figures in their standard range of products and I daresay that it payed off.

I even like how they widen their range. They recently got into action figures (personally thinking about buying that Variable Action Heros Zoro) and they also properly established that 1/10 line.

Again, it’s not only the Sekai Seifuku with female figures but it’s also their brand new palm sitting line, which imo is an extremely adorable concept, with male figures. The only thing to criticize there would be that the Sekai Seifuku line has a lot of different characters from different shows while the palm sitting line currently only consists of YowaPedal and Daiya (which I both enjoyed, but not as much that I would feel the need to own figures of them).

But somehow..the last year or so MegaHouse has thoroughly failed to put out stuff that interests me and I do hope that they won’t stray from their path too much and turn into a mainstream manufacturer. And I do see the signs and it’s making me sad.

These days it seems like the only way MH will use their One Piece licence is to oversexualize the female cast. 3 new figures, 3 half-naked chicks with immensly exaggerated cow tits. Wow, stop being disgusting, MH….

Bikini Warriors. Do I have to say more?

Finally, the thing that disappointed me most was the announcement of a Touken Ranbu character. Come on, MegaHouse, you can do better than that. You don’t have to jump on the hype-train. In fact, please stop. Don’t do this shit. All these One Piece Titties and Bikini Warriors and Touken Ranbu hype-bs is keeping you from doing what you do best.

Do some more KuroBasu, how about some more Magi? How about Fate? You were the only ones skipping Saber and actually putting out characters…. with a character! Get a Haikyuu licence. I don’t know. Just do some cool stuff like you did in the past and stop succumbing to that semi-mainstream ecchi bullshit….

MegaHouse right now feels completely off-balance to me.

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