Gil + Play Arts Kai Cloud & Tifa

Let’s start with the most disappointing thing I’ve bought in a while lol…

So here I thought I’m gonna buy this acrylic stand ‘figure’ because the figure market is extremely lacking when it comes to Gilgamesh. Product page said something about 10.5cm, oh well this doesn’t sound too bad and I still had some points to use at Hobbysearch so I went for it.

Dude is TINY!

Looks like the 10.5cm were referring to the acrylic sheet and not the figure so without the base Gil stands about 8-ish cm tall(??). The print isn’t the best either. I can see the pixels. And he was a pain to put together because he just wouldn’t fit into the base without brute force. Oh well, he was only 10 bucks though.

Then this came in the mail yesterday :D

Bought from the Squenix EU Store (The one and only time people from the EU get figures way cheaper than US- or J-people mwaha). Packing was a disaster. No bubble wrap, no paper, no nuggets, no nothing. They literally just threw these 2 into a box in which they could move around freely…. Nice… I have to contact them about it. That’s a freakin no-go.

That’s what you get. I was lucky that nothing was damaged in transit.

Tifa comes with her head on, btw, I had just already started disassembling her because,

WOW, is she a QC-fuck-up.

She looks great, don’t get me wrong, but they completey screwed up the final step of production – the sealer. I don’t know in which kind of environment they spray on that final layer but if it results in having black dirt and fuzz underneath – you’re doing something wrong! Excess material here and there, paint transfer, dirt everywhere *sighs*

After that I checked Cloud. He was fine, a bit dirty though. And they both stank of sealer. The paint job isn’t tooooooo accurate, as you can see on the picture above. It’s slightly off in a few places. Positive thing is the sculpt. The sculpt is gorgeous. Look at dem little nuts on those swords :3

Off to the kitchen we went! And we stayed there for about 2 hours.

I disassembled both and gave everything a soapy bath to get rid of the smell (only worked a little bit) and to remove dirt on the surface (only worked a little bit). After that I checked every piece and removed excess material (with an x-acto knife) and dirt, fuzz and paint transfer with cotton swab and nail polish remover (acetone-free). For Tifa I actually had to use acetone as I had to remove the sealer to even get to the dirt.

Disassembling Cloud I noticed that apparently someone put in the joint of his right shoulder the wrong way. Had to pry that one out by force and corrected that.

The final step of that whole procedure was throwing Clouds weapon-holding hands into boiling water lol I’ve seen this mentioned in a few reviews before and I’ll mention it here now:

DO NOT TRY to get the weapons into Cloud’s hands without a hot water or blow dryer treatment. It is NOT possible, you will just break either his hand or your hand and I guess you don’t want any of that to happen :D

Enough with the negativity now!

Tifa. Is. Beautiful.

The sculpt is amazing, the knee caps don’t bother me at all. I went with the smiling face, as of right now she’s only with Cloud and he’s already grumpy enough haha Tifa needs to be cheerful.

I won’t say anything about poseability because I don’t feel that I’m qualified to do that. I’m a scale collector after all and action figures are a rare thing in my collection. To be honest, right now I’ve got 3 action figures and all 3 of them are Play Arts Kai. Because I don’t care about posing them (I can tell, though, that Ezio SUCKS in that regard), I only care about the sculpt. And this is pretty much scale-quality sculpt + they are freakin huge + there are no (good-looking) scales of these characters out there.

Cloud, on the other hand, is nothing but insane!

Look at all these swoooooords. I LOVE this figure, he’s damn near perfect. Besides the joint I mentioned earlier (which I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t disassembled him) and a bit of paint transfer on his biceps there was absolutely nothing to complain about.

The only thing I’ll consider doing with both of them is maybe repainting the ribbon because it was painted on rather sloppy and I do feel that the color is a bit off.

That’s really all I have to say right now. Feel free to ask me whatever you want to know about them. I’ll just flood you with close-ups now :D

Fusion Sword with cat for scale :D (yes, he tried to eat swing it..)


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