Banpresto Mephisto Pheles

Snatched this one off of mfc :D

This was my 3rd purchase from mfc users and I must say I could not be any more satisfied. Up till now my experience with mfc purchases has been flawless and more than pleasant :3

I really really really wish this guy would be taller but he is definitely the best looking Mephisto figure out there. 15 cm of pure craftsmenship. There will probably never be a scale of this dude given the fact that it would have to be MegaHouse and if they made him to match scale with their Rin and Yukio… guy would be about 30 cm. Which would be awesome…but very unlikely :<

Good thing that we have this one, though. It’s the Banpresto A-Prize DXF Figure, for anyone who’s curious and, as you can already see, he looks fantastic. This is my second prize figure (first one was Date Masamune) and I am – again – impressed by the level of detail, although I thought that I was pretty spoiled by scale-standards.

Dem details <3

Paintwork could be better in some areas, but overall I cannot complain at all. Also the antenna on mine is slightly bent on the bottom but that either happened in transit or because the antenna serves as the main support for the hat.

I am absolutely loving this. Look at that smirk :D

I wish there was some kind of display option so we could see that fabulous antenna without the hand looking weird. Maybe I’ll try to find some kind of small accessory I can clamp between those fingers. What would be in-character for Mephi? Hmmm…


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2 Responses to Banpresto Mephisto Pheles

  1. Melanie says:

    Die Figur ist wirklich hübsch. Aber schon schade, dass man ohne Hut zwar die “Antenne” sieht, aber die Hand-Haltung natürlich mehr als komisch ist :/ Das Grinsen gefällt mir auch!

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