10th Anniversary Zoro: The Timeline Is Complete <3

Okay, I will really try hard not to sound like a total creep with this because right now I am so in love and I don’t know if I can do this properly…

Box things first. This is a nice-looking one. It’s a little bit different from other P.O.P. Boxes – 10th Anniversary PoP Deluxe much – as the bronze-coloured framing and lettering got metalic paint, which looks fantastic.

The base is of slightly darker green than Timeskip-Zoro’s and has the same shiny metal finish as the bases from the Z-line.

These are the parts he comes with. Bandana for his arm and the two swords he’s supposed to hold. This time, Wado Ichimonji is not an option as it is attached firmly to the scabbard on Zoro’s hips. The gold-coloured parts got a shiny metal paint, which is a nice little change in style, especially since this is already my 4th set of Zoro-swords.

Keep this in mind when putting him together so you won’t look like an idiot like me, trying to wriggle the whole damn thing into his hands (which is totally possible with Kitetsu, just in case you’re curious). An instruction sheet would have been nice. My ego’s hurt ;_;

And here he is in all his glory <3

Sorry for the weird background. The weather was kinda shitty today, so I took most of the photos in our conservatory a.k.a. the kitty-room.

As TrashCat on mfc had already mentioned: He has absolutely zero booty. So if you are an ass-person, you will be horribly disappointed. I’m not an ass-person, though.

I’m more the look-at-that-sculpt-of-that-upper-body type of person. Damn, son…

Okay, okay, easy now Figure Duchess. Don’t scare away the people… All I have to say is that I am more than happy how the final product turned out. I can’t really see any difference in comparison with the prototype.

The sculpt of the bandana is also well-done. As you can see it will cast a shadow on his eyes as it protrudes from his forehead quite a bit. The painting isn’t just flat black, but gradually changes into greenish shading on the top of his head (quite like the anime-style shading, just more fluently so).

The overall type of body-sculpt fits pre-timeskip Zoro quite nicely as he is properly muscular but his torso is still lean enough to not make him appear overly buffed-up like the timeskip version.

And here you’ve got the optional head. Which is just uber ridiculous in my opinion. I don’t know what it is with MegaHouse and smiling guys. He reminds me a lot of Rider. As in.. he’s smiling, alright, but it also looks like he’s about to rape someone….?

Which reminds me that I have to take a picture of him and Rider standing side by side. The universe will explode. This is going to be so creepy… xD

Hair-sculpt is nicely detailed, I just don’t know why they went with this particular hairstyle because, as far as I can remember, it wasn’t styled that way pre-timeskip..? Correct me if I’m wrong.

The bandana piece goes with this kind of setup. The arm detaches at the shirt’s sleeve so you can just slip the bandana over the arm, attach the arm to the shirt again and be done with it.

Obviously, I prefer this head. Although the bandana casts a shadow on the eyes, you’re still able to see the expression clearly because they went with angry eyes instead of just plain black dots, so they do light up nicely.

I also like how thick the fabric of the shirt appears with this sculpt.

Also, they did improve on the ears a lot, didn’t they?

I also don’t know what kind of paint they used on the boots. It does appear to be a metallic finish but it reflects / changes color when subjected to direct sunlight, like this crazy flip-fop paint on cars? Looks great, though.

I’d be careful when handling the scabbards. The leather belts are attached to each other but only the belt for Wado is attached to Zoro’s body so it does feel kind of fragile as they basically hang down freely.

On a side note, my Zoro storage is slowly getting ridiculous… So many heads and bandanas and Wados….

Finally, the space I kept empty for months has been filled. My Zoro Timeline Shelf is perfect now <3 (Stop lying to yourself, Duchess, you already want to get the VAH Zoro anyways, and this won’t be your last scale of him *lies down in a corner and cries*)

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6 Responses to 10th Anniversary Zoro: The Timeline Is Complete <3

  1. daiyanowee says:

    I really like this Zoro, i can’t wait to get mine, i’m a huuuuuuuuge Zoro fan and i didn’t hesitate actually to buy every one of them lol (aside of the lawson strong world who cost a lot and i don’t like the shiny on it)nice reviews you make, i didn’t saw that earlier?! Dx
    I saw your blog on mfc, i’m not a user there anymore but i wanted to tell you how i feel the same about fandoms, i’m not a bl lover or have this habit to ship much (the only one pairing i have is Zoro and Robin and the otp have all it’s meaning lol)BUT i never talk about it, it’s more a romantic feeling, i’m more interest in the story itself the characters development that spending my time imagining them having sex….
    And it’s rare to find someone who is actually loving a show or a character for the story and his own development, i often got kicked out of discussions because when i wanna talk about the episode, the only thing that come to their mind is the way x protected z or y looked at x, and i admit i am utterly mad when i see this.
    Even on the figure pages, all you see is “i wanna get A so B husband won’t be lonely boo boo”
    I don’t get this habit of fujoshi, and after many times being mistreated by them i stopped getting involved into discussions with them, i only speak with few friends online about our favorite shows, those are understandable and respect my point of view so i’m satisfied with the few of them :)
    I’m from France and in the french community i am, it’s quite dead so i am on the international board (arlong park)
    However i don’t think you should try that hard to get involved in mfc or other places, because you will never get the attentions in the way you want it, i mean people that feel and think the same way as you, i myself been almost 6 years on mfc, and imo since more young people and fujoshi came in they started to mess up this place, i got involved in a jealousy plot and that made me hate this place, now i closed my account and check only for news and release date i can’t find on twitter or board i’m in.
    I joined another community though, myanimeshelf, this place is new to me, i don’t know how to use it fully but there is not many people there, and it’s made by russian but in english as well, i think a good start to me.
    Anyway, if you feel like talking i’m here ^_^
    I myself love to do reviews, i opened this blog not so long ago and i am quite excited to do new posts :D
    I’ll follow you, because i’m looking forward your upcoming post!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience!
      Wow, sounds like you had a hard time. I didn’t experience any cases of shitstorm with fujoshis so far and I hope that won’t ever happen to me o_o I just find it hard to talk to them because shipping is just not my cup of tea.
      I did skip a few Zoro’s where I wasn’t too fond of the sculpts but MegaHouse just keeps going and keeps getting better so it’s gotten really hard to decide which ones to get and which ones to skip. Atm I’m even thinking about getting the Variable Action Heroes Zoro. I don’t even like action figures, but damn, that sculpt q_q
      The french community is dead? Now that comes as a little bit of a surprise as I thought it was way bigger than the German one? The anime and manga releases your country puts out makes me jealous on a regular basis lol I forgot all my french I was once taught, though, so I wouldn’t understand a thing *sighs*
      The German community is flooded with a lot of young people these days, too. It’s the SAO-hype that got them in there and sadly enough they don’t seem to know anything else. Makes it hard to find people at my age who grew up with the hobby and enjoy the same things. That’s why I was thinking about getting more connected, but you’re right, the second you get a few more comments you’ll probably always crave for more ^^°
      Right now I’d be happy if it was just a few people, so I’m really glad I’ve got this comment from you :)
      Thanks for the follow, I’ll go and check out your blog now :D

      • daiyanowee says:

        The thing was i commented with common sense, but most of the fujoshi there are underage and don’t know common sense, it’s either their opinions you follow or you go to hell, so i gave up trying to communicate, reason why i am not even talking or joining any discussions…

        Zoro is like my number 1 character from all the series i love, he was the first character that makes me go collecting, i started when i was 19 (and broke lol) but with time it grew up and i bought tons of Zoro’s from tiny strap to huge scales, i can’t resist him, though recently i’ve been more picky, especially with the many scultures, i only got the first two out of four released, i’m always happy to get Zoro but i need more variation, especially outfit wise because i am not fond of his time skip robe,if they makes him with his old outfits i’ll be happy, the happiest, just like the dramatic showcase!

        When i say dead, it’s more that old collector and fan like me(i’m nearly 30) are gone, only arlong park still have few old collectors i knew back in the days.
        I am not really getting along with younger, especially with those that are narrow minded.
        I understand the feeling of having the wish to have more people reading your blogs and stuff, i think some publicity can do the trick, link here and there, but it takes time to attract people to come read and eventually comment!
        I’m happy i discover someone with similar interest, thank you for following me too ^_^

      • When I started this hobby I pretty much did it with manga and as it happens One Piece was the first tankobon I got. So yeah, Zoro is my first and long-time favourite >_<
        I got picky out of necessity. I'm not exactly rich lol so I have to concentrate on the things I really really can't skip. Variation-wise I'm pretty happy with the Zoro shelf I got now (kid, pretimeskip, strong world, Z and timeskip). They all look different enough :3
        I'm 26, so I can totally relate to not getting along with the 'younger generation'. I can't handle kids that are knee-deep into puberty ^^°

      • daiyanowee says:

        I think i started with the anime in 2003, i remember watching it on tv with full metal alchemist when i came back from college, i remember there was only the first part of the east blue world (until log town)then they restart from episode one, one day i decided to search on the internet if there was more episodes and i found out that one piece was on going and was about 260 episodes going already, so this is how it started to me! I was broke though, the only thing i could afford was keychains, gashapons and mangas, it’s later when i started to work that i went into collecting bigger figures, i’m glad i started collecting right when the prices were low because now it’s just crazy how the price is going for them, even if the quality increased.
        I admire people that can focus and keep their cool toward all those items, for a few years i went crazy with collecting, now i’m reselling the figures that doesn’t suit my taste anymore and focus again on the few show i love really and wanna keep as long as i can.
        I really love your shelf,Zoro one looks gorgeous!
        I’m glad, i thought for some times that i was the only one that felt like this and i almost thought it was me that might over react, it feels good to have someone feeling the same ^_^

        Also i’m feeling sorry for you, one mfc user went on you “homophobic” feelings, seriously…
        She complains that shows don’t represent her sexuality this is why she is “forced” to make it looks like her, however there is plenty of bl titles, anime,manga and video games, even dramas and movies so it’s just a petty reason to turn everyone into gays because they can’t understand that a shonen is a shonen, a seinen a seinen and a shoujo a shoujo….i found this pretty pathetic in a way, and the worst is that they can’t understand that some might not be into it, and that is as if a black person is turned white in a show to suit the standards of the population, that is what i call real discrimination, but homosexual and fujoshis people never get blamed for their behaviors i guess…and that is really sad!

      • Well that’s how a lot of collector’s start. They just go crazy because they’re overwhelmed by all the cool stuff that’s available :D I don’t know why that didn’t happen to me. Maybe I’m too German for that ahahaaha what a horrible clichée, but sometimes I think it’s true ^^°
        Nah it’s okay. I didn’t think she was being rude and I understand where she’s coming from. She even apologized for getting easily triggered. I imagine you get a lot of hate and homophobic comments when in this area of the hobby so I can totally understand her feelings :3

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