Crafty Duchess: Storing Figure Boxes


So, isn’t it about time I posted something again?

Yes, yes it is.

Lately, the topic of figure boxes has popped up a little bit more often than usual, so I thought I’d jump onto this train, seeing how I had to rearrange and tidy up my own box storage anyways.

This is what my box storage looks like (I’ve already removed all the boxes from the shelf at this point). Lucky enough, we’ve got 2 storage rooms in our apartment. One used to be a guest toilet but we didn’t really need that one so we converted it into a storage room for the ironing board, vacuum and all the other things that usual go into a storage room…

This one however, is used for my figure boxes exclusively. Yay!

We don’t have an attic and the basement of the house rather resembles catacombs than actual space to store stuff – especially stuff that gets damaged easily, like figure boxes.

As you can see, on the left hand side I’ve got a little storage unit thingy inside the wall going on, which conveniently is exactly the depth of a nendoroid box :D So the smaller boxes go in there. I try to keep all of my figure boxes but I do tend to throw away the small, flimsy trading figure boxes. I think there are only 3 figures that don’t have their boxes anymore, which are my Grimmjow trading figures and a tiny One Piece trading figure of mafioso Sanji and Zoro.

I put all of my figure boxes into the bedroom and gave them a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Dust is a collector’s enemy and it’s my enemy especially as I am allergic to that shit :| The shelves also got treated to a wipe.

Well then, let the horror begin…

Storing these boxes with various shapes and sizes in a shelf without losing space inbetween boxes is the most hardcore-mode 3D Tetris you’ll ever get..

Halfway there… at least like that I’ve got all the One Piece figure boxes in one place. In general, I do try to keep boxes of the same series together when I arrange these but sometimes it’s just not possible without losing space.

That’s what it looks like right now. Until I do a review of a figure and the box for that one’s all the way in the back :| Still got a lot of space for future figures, though.

I will feel bad at the point where I have to fill up the lowest shelf on this, as this is actually a place my cats love to hide. The storage room doesn’t have a door. Technically this is just the end of the hallway separated by a curtain, which is also a favourite plaything for the cats.

So, yeah, there you go. This is how I store my figure boxes :)

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3 Responses to Crafty Duchess: Storing Figure Boxes

  1. daiyanowee says:

    So lucky, i have too many figures, so i end up with too many boxes, i have some stored in the gues room, some under my bed, in my closet and on the side of my shelves Dx
    Though i threw some boxes, i couldn’t help but keeping most of them, i came to realize i have too much and went to put some figure on sale, collectors enemies after dust are definitely boxes…

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