Psycho-Pass Kougami Shinya + Archonia Shop Impression

I got a little extra money at the end of last month so I decided to treat myself to a new scale and try out a new online store while I’m already at it!

I ordered Kougami from Archonia, which is based in Belgium. I stumbled upon that site while searching for the cheapest figure. Turns out Archonia had the best price: 104€ if I remember correctly, which is at least 30€ cheaper than any other store, plus I could safe on shipping, which was only 5€, AND no customs because Europe <3

The website itself is ugly as hell but easy enough to navigate. Their overall pricing is typical for European figure stores – by which I mean on the more expensive side – but their special offers are really, really good. Not Plamoya-good but good none the less.

Packing was…weird. As you can see on the picture above it appears well-packed at first glance but on further inspection it’s more like a so-so packaging. They just put the figure box into the box, threw one layer of bubble wrap and one layer of air cushions on top and that was it. In this case, the 3 air cushions pressed down on the figure box window, which resulted in the foil getting ripped off the box. Easy fix, still kind of annoying.

All in all, their shipping was fast, the figure was new, the packing could have been done better but it was okay and their customer support will get back to you within 1-2 business days. It’s not gonna be my favourite shop of all times but I’ll sure check out their special offers in the future.

But now on to the figure! (That’s already the base up there)

The MegaHouse Kougami is….problematic.

He’s an amazing figure, don’t get me wrong. He looks great. But as all of you probably know, the problem is the head/face. A lot of people don’t like his massive hair. I like it, first of all because the sculpt is perfect – no seamlines or faulty sculpt whatsoever – and secondly because in a lot of concept art and anime art Kougami actually has this massive hair. It’s canon. Even if it doesn’t translate to 3D that well. Could have been done better – maybe – but the sculpt itself was carried out very well so I’m not gonna complain.

The face… is the main problem. Buuuut it’s not really hard to work around that and he really doesn’t deserve alle the criticism that he was/is subjected to. It’s all a matter of angle.

The reason why his face looks so weird is due to the eyes. MegaHouse tried to replicate the art style of the show and this kind of went wrong. They are a bit too far apart and maybe a bit too squinted. The sculpt of the mouth can also seem weird at certain angles.

So what I’d recommend when posing / looking at him or taking photos is the following:

  • Avoid worm’s-eye view: Sorry to say this, but most owner pics make this figure look like shit because of the low angle the picture was taken at. Kougami looks best when viewed at eye level or at slight bird’s-eye view. Worm’s-eye view makes him look like a kappa :|
  • Right-hand side or left-hand side: A frontal view of the face makes him look weird. Fortunately, the most natural view when putting him on display is already from the side as his body and face are already turned sideways.

This might sound like a lot of work but it’s really not that hard to make him look good. He looks fantastic most of the time.

Enough with the critcism already.

Kougami comes with 2 left hands. A relaxed hand and a hand for holding the dominator.

He also comes with 2 right arms. One that holds a cigarette and the other one for holding the dominator.

You will also get 2 dominators – lethal and non-lethal. The non-lethal variant is made of 2 parts so you can store it away in a holster attached to the back of Kougami’s belt.

Body and clothes look great. I just wish the sculpt of his collarbone would be more pronounced but that’s just my personal fetish :(


I especially like the folds of his shirt.

The cigarette is firmly attached to his hand. But more of that later.

This is what the holster looks like. The sculpt of the jacket makes this look very natural and it’s also easy to access. An instruction sheet of how to remove and insert the dominator is included (which is kind of funny because the only thing you have to do is pull on the 2 parts of the dominator. The lethal variant can’t go in there and is made of one piece).

The dominators are simply my most favourite things of this figure. That’s what perfection looks like. No seamlines, spot on paintjob, great sculpt. SO GUD!

These are only about 4cm x 1,5cm small! So. perfect!

So, as I already mentioned, the cigarette is firmly attached to his right arm. So as he is you can’t display him smoking AND pointing the dominator at something. I wanted to have the lethal dominator, though, and I didn’t like how that looked in his left hand. Also because a lethal-mode dominator not pointing at anything doesn’t really make sense.

His relaxed hand looked SO perfect for holding a cigarette, though, so I cheated a little. What you can see above are all my spare cigarettes from other figures I own. From left to right: MH Sailing Again Sanji, MH Hijikata Vers. 2 and Alter Shizuo.

I took one from Hijikata because he’s got 2 spares and if I already had to use parts from another figure, I’d at least take them from the same manufacturer, plus the scale is the same :)

Aaaand that’s what my Kougami looks like now :)

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13 Responses to Psycho-Pass Kougami Shinya + Archonia Shop Impression

  1. Suppie says:

    Omg Kougami looks badass! I was on the fence on this one as some of the photos I seen didn’t do him any justice. The face isn’t bad and my only gripe with the hair, it’s a bit too voluminous in proportion to his face/head, more like an afro kinda of size but hey this is anime XD

    Thanks again for the great review, it’s nice you were able to treat yourself last month,

    • He looks badass at most angles. I only used the good angles for the first impression to improve his image xD I’ll probably safe the non-goodlooking angles for the proper review :p
      Just google images of Kougami, that massive hair is actually quite accurate xD

  2. Wee's Hobby says:

    He looks good, despite the messed up hair and the face a little bit, i’m starting to feel sad for not getting it when it was cheaper, however i’m more interest in UC version, anyway good buy!

    • Pricing for him is insane considering the negative criticism he received :/
      I thought about getting the UC-Version but I don’t like the color palett and UCs overall quality scares me q_q

      • Wee's Hobby says:

        I thought he would bargain honestly, but i just got a slap in my face when i saw despite the bad sides he is sold out and rarely easy to find and pricey….as for UC is the same, pricey, hard to get, and QC that is like a surprise, you either get a decent one or one with splat, i sincerely hope Altair and GSC will look at Kougami, so much potential sale lost…

      • UC’s Kougami is even more expensive than MH’s right now :’D
        But I really have to ask: Why is it that recently everyone wants GSC to bring out guys? They don’t do that. Fairy Tail and SnK were hype-exceptions and those look really, really bad.

      • Wee's Hobby says:

        Yeah i know, reason why i don’t own any kougami scale …
        Well they turned to boys recently, with max factory they created orange rouge and they will totally need to think about psycho pass.
        Also fairy tail is not that hyped, just look at how much goods psycho pass have and how much Fairy tail have, i love Fairy tail and wish for more goods and figures but they are either unobtainable like Tsume’s or not good enough like GSC’s, there is no inbetween.
        But GSC do nice stuff when they are not lazy !

      • Just that I’m pretty sure that Orange Range only exists to milk the Touken Ranbu franchise and when that hype is gone they won’t make anything else except a few nendos of other shows… xD And even with the male nendos they’re getting more and more lazy. Just compare the KanColle girls and male nendos like Hoozuki, Saitama or even the TouRabu nendos. They put out stuff with minimum accessories. Sorry, I’m on a rant. I hate GSC xD

      • Wee's Hobby says:

        Actually there is other shows under orange rouge like haikyuu!! and DmmD
        I don’t think it’s made just for TouRan, GSC and MF realized how the male figure market is growing so they are giving to fans what they want, except sometimes they do sloppy jobs and slack off a bit.
        TouRan is in a hype for sure, i just wish for more to come like utapri nendoroid and not only petit, why not space brothers since they made Apo petit, and i’m praying for Daiya no Ace too.But first a Kougami nendoroid is long overdue….

      • Haikyuu and Dmmd are also ‘just’ nendoroids. Male nendos are nothing new, I bet they just put it under the Orange Rouge line to pretend to have something different than TouRabu. I’d be happy if they really started to do male scales from different shows, don’t get me wrong. But as it is now I don’t trust them. At all.

      • Wee's Hobby says:

        I think GSC/MF are gauging people’s interest into male scales other than what they did already under their respective names. I can understand they don’t wanna take much risk, though sometimes they are incoherent with releasing random girls, but i think they are mainly trying to please the japanese audience first, for now TouRan is really hyped, however that doesn’t mean other shows wouldn’t have luck too, at least this is what i hope for Kougami and Daiya no Ace.

      • Let’s hope you are right then :) I’d have nothing against more male figures xD Haikyuu scales would be great q_q

      • Wee's Hobby says:

        Yeah i hope i’m right too xD
        I’m not against more male scale either ~~ As long as it answer to all people interest i’m fine with that, the only thing is the time it takes to make them…this is another problem *sigh*

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