Figure Duchess 2.0!!!



I’m back! And back for good (I hope) !!!

As you might have noticed, I’ve been rather inactive on my blog.

Sooo I needed a little bit of motivation to start doing….stuff… again.

So here it is: Figure Duchess 2.0

I’ve changed a lot of things design-wise, starting with the logo itself:


And with that done, the header and watermark had to be replaced as well:

cropped-banner2.jpgFrom this

cropped-banner22.jpgTo this :D With the same banner replacing the watermark design <3

I’m so pleased with this! Thanks a lot to Sebastian who saved my sorry ass dozens of times because I’m a complete idiot with photoshop ._.

There will also be some changes in naming different categories:

Full-fledged reviews will from now on be called Review Duchess.

The Tiny Reviews will change into Mini Duchess

and there will be a new project called Display Duchess, but I’ll tell you all about that with the first entry in that category :)

As always I’m present on a lot of websites, so feel free to follow me there or check it out from time to time!





GermanOtaku (with German versions of the Review Duchess and all kinds of German release related stuff)

A big shout-out to anyone who’s been following my blog! I love you guys (this is also true for all the silent ones out there. I appreciate every one of you <3 ).

With that out of the way, I hope to create new content really soon. Loot has been scarce these days so I have to put a lot more work into my posts (loot posts are so easy/quick to do). Feel free to tell me in the comments section if you want to see more of a certain category. I haven’t uploaded anime/manga reviews in a long time, so how about that? Yay or nay? Constructive criticism is more than welcome :)

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